Survey: 44% Of Caregivers Say COVID Crisis Has Had Negative Impact On Their Mental HealthThe pandemic has changed the holiday season for all of us this year and caregivers are especially feeling that impact.
Grand Jury Says Mental Health System A 'Mess'A statewide grand jury studying school safety issued an interim report Thursday that tore into Florida’s mental-health system, saying that “deficiencies in funding, leadership and services related to mental health care tend to turn up everywhere like bad pennies.”
How Coronavirus Lockdown Has Affected Children & Their Mental HealthThe coronavirus lockdown has taken a heavy toll on mental health, even in kids. New research out of Britain suggests depression is hitting children as young as seven.
Growing Number Of Parents Worried About Long-Term Effects COVID Crisis Will Have On Mental Health Of ChildrenA new survey from Nationwide Children's Hospital shows more and more parents are worried about the long-term effects of the COVID pandemic on children's mental health.
Miami Proud: Dr. Daniel Bober Looks At Coronavirus Pandemic Impact On Mental HealthDr. Daniel Bober spoke about the impact of the pandemic on mental health, what he is experiencing day to day, and what we all need to know.
Father Takes Heartbreaking Loss Of Teen Son On The Road For Suicide Prevention MonthSeptember is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and this year an Oregon father decided to take the heartbreaking experience of losing his teenage son on the road.
Florida's First Lady Casey DeSantis Warns Of COVID-19 Toll On FamiliesGov. Ron DeSantis, First Lady Casey DeSantis and child-welfare advocates warned Friday about the toll the COVID-19 pandemic is taking on some families.
Facing South Florida: COVID-19 Pandemic Might Be Causing Mental Health CrisisThe focus of the conversation was the coronavirus with an emphasis on the mental health crisis the pandemic may be causing.
New Research Suggests Technology Can Help With Anxiety, Depression From Social Distancing IsolationMental health professionals are concerned many people are struggling with anxiety and depression because of isolation and social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. New research from Northwestern Medicine suggests technology might help.
The Children’s Services Council of Broward County Reminds You That May Is Mental Health Awareness MonthMany people, even outside of these trying times, experience mental health symptoms at some point in their life and symptoms can occur at any age and in people from all cultural backgrounds. It is important to ask questions, seek help, and most importantly, help those who may be experiencing issues regarding their mental health understand that they are not alone.
Heartbreaking Story Brings Much-Needed Attention To Mental Health Of Our Health Care WorkersA heartbreaking story from New York is calling much-needed attention to the mental health of our health care workers during the coronavirus crisis.