Christmas Mega Millions Jackpot Rolling OverIt was not a Merry Christmas for lottery players hoping to hit it big.
$321 Million Jackpot In Mega Millions Christmas Night DrawingSanta Claus could get a run for his money this year, with money being the operative word.
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Second Chance At Being An Overnight Millionaire With Powerball JackpotIf you felt a little down in the dumps after learning that you didn't win Tuesday night's humungous Mega Millions jackpot, cheer up - there's always the Powerball drawing tonight.
Numbers Are In For Mega Millions Record Setting $1.6 Billion JackpotThe new numbers are in for the Mega Millions drawing worth an estimated jackpot of $1.6 billion!
Mega Millions At World-Record $1.6 Billion For Tuesday Drawing On CBS4The Mega Millions jackpot currently stands at an astounding world record of $1.6 billion and you can watch the drawing live at 11pm on CBS4 News.
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Powerball Jackpot Climbs To More Than $470 MillionJust one day later, people jumped at a second chance to play Powerball, hoping to win the more than $470 million jackpot.
No Winner, Now Mega Millions Jackpot Climbs To $1.6 Billion, No one won the latest Mega Millions drawing, meaning the jackpot climbs to a staggering $1.6 billion.
Are You A Billionaire? Did You Draw The Mega Millions One Billion Jackpot?Anticipation is building for Friday night's Mega Millions drawing with the game's largest jackpot ever - a billion dollars.