Senate To Take Up Health Expansion Early In SessionThe Senate is set to take up a controversial health expansion plan during a special legislative session next month.
Congressional Hearing Planned On LIP ShowdownA congressional hearing is planned to address the healthcare funding feud between Florida Governor Rick Scott and the Obama administration.
Gov. Scott Back In DC, Seeking Support In Obamacare FightFlorida Governor Rick Scott was back in Washington, D.C. Tuesday slamming federal health officials for denying his request to extend federal hospital funds.
Dates Set For Special Session; LIP Could Be In TroubleLegislative leaders are set to meet for a special session to find a compromise on Florida's budget.
Senate Democrats Sue Florida House Over Abrupt Session EndDemocrat's in the Florida Senate filed a lawsuit against the Florida House over its abrupt end to the 2015 legislative session.
Florida Senate President Calls For June Special SessionFlorida Senate President Andy Gardiner is offering to hold a June special session to reach a deal on a new state budget just days after the Florida House abruptly adjourned.
Florida House Abruptly Adjourns Early Over Budget ImpasseThe Florida House abruptly adjourned early on Tuesday due to a budget impasse with the Senate over Medicaid expansion.
Gov. Scott Files Lawsuit Against Obama Over Medicaid ExpansionFlorida Gov. Rick Scott filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Obama administration, saying they are coercing the state to expand Medicaid in order for Florida to get $1 billion in federal hospital funds.
Facing South Florida: One-on-One with Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera Jim and Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera will cover a variety of topics, including Medicaid expansion and the governor's decision to sue the federal government. The two will also discuss the announcement this week by Sen. Marco Rubio that he is running for President, and whether Lopez=Cantera is thinking about his own possible Senate run.
Facing South Florida: The 2015 Florida Legislative SessionWith less than a month until the 2015 Florida legislative session adjourns, Jim and his guests look at what the might or might not accomplish, specifically in regards to casino gambling and Medicaid expansion.
Gov. Scott Flip-Flops, Now Opposes Medicaid ExpansionIn a flip flop from Rick Scott, the governor now says he is opposed to the state expanding Medicaid.