'In The Everglades, Anything Is Possible': Legend Of Florida's Skunk Ape Lives OnThe Sunshine State has beautiful beaches, thrilling theme parks, and great nightlife; but did you know we are also home to the elusive and mysterious Skunk Ape?
VIDEO: Miami Officer Accidentally Tased By Partner During TakedownA City of Miami Police officer was accidentally Tased by his partner while taking a drug suspect into custody and now there is cell phone video of the incident.
VIDEO: Endangered Florida Panther Kittens Caught On CameraFor the second time in two days, the Florida Wildlife Federation has captured video of some endangered Florida panther kittens with their momma.
Florida Ranks 2nd Most Fun State In AmericaFloridians don’t need to be told that the Sunshine State is fun but it’s nice to be recognized.
Florida Couple Uses Pet Alligator In Baby Gender RevealWhen it comes to baby gender reveals, this one is done in true "Only In Florida" style!
New Artificial Reef Off Key Biscayne Brings New Fishing OpportunitiesSouth Florida anglers have a new artificial reef to catch their live bait off the coast of Key Biscayne, hopefully.
Florida Man Charged With Manslaughter For Shooting Woman During Foreplay With Gun, Police SayA Florida man is facing manslaughter charges after accidentally shooting a woman during a sex act.
Yikes! 11-Foot Alligator Breaks Into Florida HomeHere's something you don't want to see inside your home, ever!
'Trespass Warning' Given To Alligator Outside Florida DrugstoreImagine walking into your neighborhood drug store and running into an alligator!
VIDEO: Man Uses Alligator To Shotgun A BeerSo there's this viral video going around on social media showing a man using an alligator to shotgun a beer.
'What Did I Do Wrong': Florida Man After 140 MPH Chase, CrashA Florida man with quite a lead foot ends up jail after speeding past a Florida Highway Patrol trooper at more than 100 miles per hour and it was caught on the trooper’s dashboard camera.