Florida Man Sent To Jail For Oversleeping Jury Duty Gets Reduced SentenceA Florida man who was sent to jail for 10 days because he overslept and didn't report for jury duty, has had his sentence reduced.
Florida Man Oversleeps Jury Duty, Gets 10-Day Jail SentenceFailing to report for jury duty is no joke. Just ask a Florida man who accidentally overslept and was sentenced to 10-days in jail for missing his jury service.
Bill Would Let Florida Students Be Excused From Jury DutyMany full-time students in Florida could be excused from serving on juries, under a proposal filed Tuesday for the 2019 legislative session.
Barack Obama Shows Up In Chicago For Jury Duty; Not ChosenImagine showing up at the local courthouse to do your civil duty and finding yourself sitting next to a president.
Safety Alert: BSO Warns Of Jury Duty ScamThe BSO is issuing a safety alert after reports are coming in that con artists are posing as deputies for a jury duty scam.
Old Jury Duty Scam On The RiseCon artists are posing as authorities – calling people and telling them they’re going to be arrested for missing jury duty, unless they pay up.
Senator Marco Rubio Dismissed From Jury DutyU.S. Senator Marco Rubio did his civic duty Wednesday and showed up for jury duty at the Miami-Dade County Courthouse. But, Rubio won't be sitting on any jury as he was dismissed with about a dozen other jurors.
Rubio Coming To Miami For Jury DutySenator Marco Rubio will be in a Miami-Dade County courtroom Wednesday morning as he reports for jury duty.
Feds Warn Of Jury Duty ScamsSome South Florida residents called for jury duty have been the target of scammers. Federal officials say the scam takes several forms.
Jury Scam Going Around South Florida Next time you answer the phone you could be responding to a scam.
Bill Would Excuse Breastfeeding Women From Jury DutyBreastfeeding women called to jury duty may soon have a valid excuse to pass on their civic duty.