JetBlue Raises Price For Checked BagsFor the second time in two years, JetBlue Airways has hiked its baggage fees.
Woman Removed From JetBlue Flight After Profanity-Laced OutburstA woman's trip to Las Vegas on Valentine's Day was cut short after she reportedly got unruly on a plane and had to be taken off.
JetBlue Raises Fees For Checked BagsFlying on JetBlue just got a little more expensive if you plan to check your bags.
JetBlue False Alarm Triggers Massive Police ResponsePassengers on a JetBlue flight say they were terrified when armed officers suddenly stormed their plane in New York.
JetBlue Plane's Windscreen Shattered Mid-FlightsA JetBlue flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Tampa was diverted to Ft. Lauderdale after one of its windshields shattered midflight.
JetBlue Board Game With Free Flight Promotion Infuriates CustomersA plan by JetBlue to sell a board game that also included a certificate for a free flight did not go quite as planned on Tuesday.
JetBlue Saves Employee Injured In Hurricane MariaFor Manuel Kianes Riviera, his hand are everything as an aircraft maintenance tech for JetBlue in his native Puerto Rico.
JetBlue Flight Heading To Ft. Lauderdale Forced To Make Emergency LandingA scare in the air Friday as nearly a hundred passengers had no choice but to slide down emergency chutes.
Passenger's Laptop Catches Fire Forcing JetBlue Flight To LandA JetBlue flight  had to make an emergency landing late last night after a passenger’s laptop caught fire.
JetBlue Passengers Removed From Flight After Directing Remarks At Ivanka TrumpDonald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, was reportedly verbally accosted on a JetBlue flight by a fellow passenger.
TSA Admits No US Marshals On Flights To & From CubaThere is surprising new information about the commercial flights now running from the U.S. to Cuba.