Astronaut Takes Spacewalk Right Before Setting US Record NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly took his first spacewalk Wednesday ahead of setting a new U.S. flight record.
International Space Station Grocery Run Stalled By Florida Storm CloudsAstronauts on board the International Space Station will have to wait a little longer for a special delivery of groceries and an espresso maker.
International Space Station In Sight Thursday NightMissed out on seeing the International Space Station Thursday morning? No need to fear space fans – the ISS will make an encore tonight.
Another ISS Spacewalk & A Selfie That's Out Of This WorldAstronauts Barry "Butch" Wilmore and Terry Virts floated outside the International Space Station Wednesday for the second of three spacewalks.
Astronauts Close To Moving Into Space Station For YearThe International Space Station is getting some new guests soon.
SpaceX Tries Again To Launch Station Supplies, Land RocketSpaceX crews will be trying again to deliver supplies to the International Space Station.
South Florida Set For International Space Station SightingsStargazers should be able to see the International Space Station this week soaring over South Florida.
Second Spacewalk In 2 Weeks At Int'l Space StationFor the second week in a row, astronauts are spacewalking at the International Space Station.
Dragon Arrives At International Space Station With 3-D Printer The International Space Station received another SpaceX shipment Tuesday containing the first 3D printer eThe International Space Station has received an important supply shipment from a SpaceX cargo ship, this one containing the first 3D printer ever launched into orbit.
Astronauts Getting 3-D Printer For Space Station Astronauts in the International Space Station are getting something new and it prints in 3-D.
Three Space Station Astronauts Return To Earth Three International Space Station astronauts have made their way back to Earth.
Identical Twins Offer Up Selves For Space Science A pair of twins have offered themselves up to science in order to study the effects of prolonged weightlessness with one twin in space and the other on earth.
Astronauts Go On Spacewalk To Tackle Urgent Repair JobA couple of astronauts on board the International Space Station are going for spacewalk Tuesday to replace a dead computer and get their orbiting home back up to full strength.
Storms Threaten Second Launch Try To ISSSpaceX is trying for a second time to launch a cargo delivery to the International Space Station on Friday.
Air Force Launches Spy Satellite From Florida The Air Force launched a new spy satellite Thursday from Cape Canaveral.