Apple Unveils iPhone 7 & Updated Smartwatch Apple unveiled its latest version of the iPhone and an updated smartwatch during its annual fall presentation on Wednesday.
Apple Expected To Reveal New iPhone On Sept. 7Apple is expected to show off a new iPhone next week when the company holds its fall product launch event in San Francisco.
FBI: Using Third-Parties To Break Encryption Not SolutionA senior FBI official is speaking out against third parties helping the FBI hack into locked iPhones saying it's not a solution.
Shadowy Hacking Industry May Be Helping FBI Crack An iPhone A shadowy global industry is devoted to hacking into iPhones but you may have not heard of it unless you're a worried parent, betrayed spouse or a federal law enforcement agency.
How The FBI Might Hack Into An iPhone Without Apple's HelpFederal investigators that have insisted they have no other choice than for Apple to help them hack a phone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters may have another option.
Apple Starts Busy Week With New iPhone Launch Amid a busy week, Apple presented their fancier iPhone meant to replace a similar-sized model released back in 2013.
iOS Update Tells Users When Employers Are Accessing Your PhoneThey pay you, let you dress casual on Friday's and surround the workplace with inspirational quotes that have subliminally been the driving force behind your entire career.
Apple Opposes Order To Unlock San Bernardino Shooter's iPhoneApple CEO Tim Cook has said his company will fight a federal magistrate's order to hack the phone belonging to the alleged shooter of the December attack in San Bernardino, California.
Dangerous Digital Prank Targets iPhone UsersTricksters have targeted the iPhone users with a prank making the rounds on Facebook that could lead to your device being rendered useless.
New iPhone Feature Can Drive Bill UpData overages can lead to big phone bills. One family, however, was shocked when they got a bill for more than two thousand dollars.
Facebook Releases Fix For Battery-Draining AppFacebook has admitted its app may be draining your iPhone battery faster than usual but now there’s a fix.
Focus On South Florida: Meet the IphongrapherArtsist Andy Royston captures the sunrise of Ft. Lauderdale beach every morning with his iPhone and shares it with his nearly 50,000 social media followers.
New iPhone 6s Draws Crowd On South BeachDozens of people camped out in front of the Apple store on Miami Beach overnight to be the first in line to buy the new iPhone 6s.
Apple: Sales For Latest iPhones May Surpass Other ModelsTech giant Apple says sales for their latest iPhone may surpass sales of last year's record sales of $10 million during its first weekend.
All Cell Phone Users May Soon Be Contract FreeCell phone contracts may soon be a thing of the past.