Repeal Of Net Neutrality Protections Officially Takes EffectIt wasn’t long ago that most people had probably never heard of net neutrality.
FCC Votes To Repeal Net Neutrality Rules, What It Means For YouThe FCC has voted to repeal Net Neutrality rules which regulated equal internet access.
Con-Artists Taking Control Of Victims' Computers In Tech Support ScamEvery year millions of people fall victim to internet scams.
Cuba Sees Internet Access Explosion As Ties With U.S. GrowTwo days before Christmas, Cuban Luis Gonzalez received a little Chinese modem from the island's state-owned telecommunications company.
Floridians Continue To Pull Plug On Landlines In Favor Of Cellphones, InternetState report reveals residents and businesses are continuing to get rid of telephone landlines as they turn to cellphones and internet.
Keeping Connected When A Big Storm HitsThe 2015 hurricane season is officially underway. In recent years the internet has become vital to communication, banking and business. Without it, much of our economy would come to a halt.
Atlantic Broadband Customers Can Seek Credit On Bill After OutageCustomers of Atlantic Broadband can seek a credit on their bills if they were impacted by Thursday’s internet and cable outage.
Study: Underground Sex Industry Very Lucrative, DangerousThe old saying that “pimpin’ ain’t easy,” doesn’t seem to apply to pimps in some of the nation’s largest cities. While they break the law, the pimps are also breaking the bank.
Hackathon For Cuba Begins In MiamiThe term hacking has a negative connotation, but a group of technology experts gathering in Miami will try to come up with ways to improve Internet access and information in Cuba.
Video Gaming Becoming A Spectator SportVideo games have become more popular than ever but now people have turned to watching others play for entertainment.
‘Symptom Checkers’ Available Online If You Can’t Reach A DoctorFeeling sick? Many people turn to the Web to diagnose themselves, but that can be dangerous. Now doctors are coming up with an online remedy.