Report: Nearly 1 Million Have Cast Absentee BallotsEarly voting in Florida is set to start Saturday, but already nearly 10 percent of the state has cast a vote through absentee balloting, according to CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald.
Poll: Obama Holds 44 Point Lead Among Latino VotersPresident Barack Obama has been dominating his Republican challenger Mitt Romney among the Hispanic vote, and while his lead slipped a little after a bad first debate; the president continues to far outpace Romney amongst Latino voters.
Obama Leads Romney In Polls, Or Does He?Based on the latest polling, President Barack Obama has opened up a growing lead on the Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Or has he?
Report: Crist To Speak At Democratic National ConventionFormer Governor Charlie Crist is wasting no time making inroads to the Democratic Party. The former Republican endorsed President Barack Obama for re-election Sunday and now has been given a speaking role at the Democratic National Convention, according to
Poll: Majority Of Floridians Disapprove Of Obama's Handling Of Housing CrisisPresident Barack Obama inherited one of the most depressed housing markets in U.S. history especially in Florida. As he starts his re-election campaign, Floridians are saying he still hasn’t done enough to help them or punish Wall Street.
Poll: Trayvon Martin Opinion Splits On Partisan & Racial LinesThe Trayvon Martin shooting has been the lead story on most newscasts for the better part of the last two weeks. But interest in the case has split public opinion down both partisan and racial lines according to a new Pew Research Center poll.
Charlie Crist's Wife Now A DemocratFormer Republican Governor Charlie Crist saw his wife join him in being a former Republican last week.
Poll: Scott Would Lose New ElectionA Democratic-leaning pollster has found that Governor Rick Scott’s popularity has plummeted and Floridians they surveyed have a large case of buyer’s remorse.