Florida Judge Tosses Out Reptile LawFlorida lawmakers violated the state Constitution when they passed a measure this year that would largely prevent the possession, breeding and sale of certain types of non-native reptiles, a circuit judge has ruled.
Falling Iguanas Could Return With Florida's Cold FrontFor the second time in two months, a reminder that you may want to watch out for falling iguanas.
Broward Trappers Post Of 40 Cold Stunned Iguanas Goes ViralA Broward trapper's post of the 40 iguanas she captured last week during our cold snap has gone viral.
Watch Out For Iguanas Falling From Trees South Florida's cold snap has led to an unusual warning from the National Weather Service.
Pesky Iguanas Cost Florida City $1.8 Million In Emergency RepairsSouth Florida's green iguana population has exploded since the last prolonged cold spell in 2010 reduced their numbers.
Winter Chill Having Strong Impact On Animals Like Sea Turtles & IguanasThe winter chill that's gripping much of the nation has stretched all the way down to the Florida panhandle. 
Green Iguanas Spread A Concern In South FloridaGreen iguanas have become so common across South Florida that many see them not like exotic invades but as a reptile version of squirrels.
Insect Invasion Making S. Floridians' Skin Crawl The early start to the rainy season in south Florida has led to an insect invasion.
Keys May Postpone Trapping Feral Cats, IguanasPublic outcry may postpone the setting of traps in federal wildlife refuges in the Florida Keys for feral cats and iguanas.