'Worse Than Andrew': Dawn Brings 1st Glimpse Of DestructionHunkered down for days, Floridians braced for Hurricane Irma, which encompassed nearly the entire peninsula as it marched north through the state.
Optimism Rules In Homestead 25 Years After Hurricane AndrewTwenty years ago, Hurricane Andrew, the worst natural disaster in the U.S. history demolished South Miami- Dade.
Hurricane Andrew: 25 Years Later A Community ChangedIt was 25 years ago this week that Hurricane Andrew pummeled south Miami-Dade.
Hurricane Andrew: One Of Those Events You Remember Where You Were When It HitHurricane Andrew is one of those events where you remember exactly where you were and who you were with.
Bryan Norcross Recalls Hurricane Andrew 25 Years LaterCBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer's conversation with Bryan Norcross ahead of the 25 year anniversary of Hurricane Andrew.
Hurricane Andrew: A Look Back 25 Years LaterIn the morning dark, 25 years ago a howling wind blew across South Miami-Dade and when dawn broke it revealed unspeakable ruin.
25 Years Ago: Hurricane Andrew Roared Through Miami-Dade CountyTwenty-five years ago, Hurricane Andrew roared through Miami-Dade County, cutting a path of devastation unlike any other storm that could be remembered.
Forecast Predicts Busy Atlantic Hurricane SeasonWeather forecasters say an Atlantic hurricane season that started off strong shows no signs of slowing down.
Insurer: Miami Is More Vulnerable To Hurricanes Like AndrewMore than 20 years after devastating Hurricane Andrew struck Miami, the city's vulnerability to major storm damage has only grown.
HistoryMiami Museum Marks 25th Anniversary Of Hurricane Andrew With ExhibitOn the first day of hurricane season, the HistoryMiami Museum has opened an exhibition marking the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew.
Hurricane Andrew Remembered 24 Years LaterTwenty four years ago, the most destructive hurricane at the time changed the landscape of South Florida and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people forever.