Florida Bill Would Let Adoption Agencies Refuse Gay CouplesA bill, ready for a House vote, would allow private adoption agencies to use religious and/or moral reasons to deny gay couples wanting to adopt children.
Controversial Abortion Waiting Period Bill Moves Forward In HouseHouse members approved a controversial bill that would make women wait 24 hours before getting an abortion.
Gardiner Wants Review Of Mental Health Services After Girl's DeathSenate President Andy Gardiner wants the state to focus more on mental-health issues after the child-welfare system was stunned by the death of a 5-year-old girl whose father is accused of dropping her into Tampa Bay.
Emergency Guns Measure Headed To House FloorA House committee on Thursday expanded a National Rifle Association-backed measure that would allow people to carry concealed weapons during emergencies even if they don't have a license to carry.
State Senate To Pass Sexual Predator Bills One of the first measures the state Senate will approve when their legislative session gets underway is a package of bills designed to strengthen sexual predator laws.
State Sexual Predator Bills Ready For Final VoteA final state House committee had signed off on a package of bills designed to strengthen Florida's sexual predator laws.
House 'Guns In School' Bill Clears Another HurdleA measure which would allow teachers and other school employees to have guns in schools has cleared another hurdle.
"Bong Bill" Clears House PanelThe push to outlaw popular marijuana pipes known as "bongs" has cleared another House panel.
Ban On Bath Salts, Other Designer Drugs Passes House VoteSo-called designer drugs are one step closer to being banned.
Bill Inspired By Caylee Anthony AdvancesA measure inspired by the death of Caylee Anthony was approved unanimously Wednesday by the House Judiciary Committee.