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Focus On South Florida: South Florida’s Doctor ShortageAccording to the Association of Medical Colleges, within the next decade, there could be a nationwide shortage of as many as 10-thousand physicians.
The Fine Line Between Use and AbuseMinimize risk of opioid abuse with this simple prescription.
GOP Senator Suggests Brain Tumor Affected McCain VoteWisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson thinks fellow Republican Sen. John McCain's brain tumor and the after-midnight timing of the vote were factors in McCain's decisive vote against the GOP health care bill.
White House Aide, Fox News' Hannity Criticize Senate GOP LeaderA Fox News host and a top White House aide lashed out at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday for saying people think Congress hasn't done anything this year partly because President Donald Trump is inexperienced and had "excessive expectations" about how quickly lawmakers could act.
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412 Charged In Health Fraud Schemes Worth $1.3 BillionMore than 400 people have been charged with taking part in health care fraud and opioid scams that totaled $1.3 billion in false billing, said Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday.
McConnell: Health Care Bill May Need Bi-Partisan ApproachSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans might have to negotiate with Democrats to pass a health care reform bill.
Medicaid Cut In GOP Health Bill Worries Nursing Home SetMedicaid is most often associated with poor children and single mothers, however, seniors and the disabled account for almost two-thirds of its spending and could be hit hard under the Republican health care bill.
Clinton To GOP On Health Care Plan: 'Feel Free To Run With (Mine)'Hillary Clinton responded in kind to a snide challenge by the GOP to produce a fix to the health care system.