Leaked Email Appears To Show HBO Negotiating With HackersHackers released an email from HBO in which the company expressed willingness to pay them $250,000 as part of a negotiation over electronic data swiped from HBO's servers.
Nearly-Undetectable Mac Malware Can Take Over Entire Computer For SurveillanceLaw enforcement agents are looking into malicious code that's been hitting Mac users in the U.S.
Study Suggests Hackers Could Use Brainwave Tech To Steal Your PasswordsHackers can use brainwave-sensing headsets, used in toys and video games, to steal your passwords, a new study suggests.
'Smart Toys' May Make Your Children A Target For HackersWhile smart toys were at the top of many parents Christmas lists, there is growing concern the users - children- may become targets for hackers and identity thieves.
How 'Smart Toys' Could Put Your Children In Harm's WayWith smart toys at the top of parents gift lists, there is a growing concern they may become targets for hackers and identity thieves possibly putting their children in harm's way.
Gift Cards A Target For Scammers Looking To Drain ThemGift cards remain one of the most popular presents in America, but more and more consumers are having issues with the cards when they try to use them at designated shops.
Hackers Hijack ISIS Accounts On Twitter With Gay PornDon't let the myth and stigma fool you -- hackers can often be the good guys, imbued with a greater sense of justice than your typical keyboard warrior.
Hacker Group Anonymous Targets Governor Rick ScottThe Hacktivist group We Are Anonymous has set its sights on Florida Gov. Rick Scott and has released a video calling for his impeachment and resignation.
Phone Scammers Using Social Media To Hack Into Bank AccountsA little-known vulnerability is being used to empty consumers’ bank accounts using nothing more than a telephone.
Hackers Beware: UCF Students Are Champs In Cyber DefenseHackers, take notice. University of Central Florida computer students have got your number.
Hackers Can Use Home Devices With Cameras To Invade PrivacyFrom WiFi coffee makers to security cameras and high-tech door locks and lights, the intelligent home is here.