Google Docs Used In Latest Phishing ScamIf you received an email about opening a link to a Google Document, chances are it’s part of a widespread phishing scam going around.
Google Targets 'Fake News' & Offensive Search SuggestionsGoogle is targeting 'fake news' by adding some new things to its search engine to prevent the fake info and offensive suggestions.
Google Refutes Charges, Says There's No Gender Pay GapGoogle says they are "taken aback" by the government's claim it doesn't pay women fairly.
Miami Student's 'Doodle For Google' Aims To Empower WomenA South Florida student's colorful design could soon be what millions on the internet see when they're greeted at Google's home page.
Google To Kids: 'Don't Post Anything You Wouldn't Want Grandma To See'With more and more teens on social media, the internet schools have taken some steps to find out what needs to be addressed so that these teens can access what they need online in the right way.
Hello Waymo: Google's Self-Driving Car Gets A New NameThe self-driving car project started by Google seven years ago has grown into a company called Waymo, signaling its confidence that it will be able to bring robot-controlled vehicles to the masses within the next few years.
Trump Taps Elon Musk, Uber & Pepsi CEOs To Strategy TeamElon Musk is joining Donald Trump's advisory team after the President-elect met with several tech titans Wednesday.
What The World, & Miami Searched For In 2016Google's Year in Search is out and it reveals what the world and Miami searched for in 2016
Google's Pixel Phone: Not Much New, But Still A StandoutGoogle's ambitious new smartphone, the Pixel, doesn't offer a lot that's new. Yet it's still one of the best out there.
Google: More People Searched Clinton Than TrumpHillary Clinton has the edge on Google that is.
Department Of Transportation Unveiling Plans On Regulating Driverless CarsFederal officials say they see great potential in self-driving vehicles. But they also see potential risks.
Google Daydream VR Vision: With Opportunity Comes ChallengesNew virtual-reality headsets based on Google's new Daydream VR system could make for better games and more affordable applications.
Android Software A Core Part of Google ConferenceThe core of Google's annual conference is its Android system that powers 80 percent of the world's smartphones.
Report: Fiat Chrysler, Google In Partnership TalksThe partnership would be the first to match an automaker with Google's 7-year-old autonomous car project, which is now part of the so-called X lab at Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company.
Google April Fool's Prank BoomerangsGoogle says they ended up pranking themselves after an April Fool's Day Gmail tweak got some users upset.