Powerball Winner Shares Winning Jackpot With Wounded VeteransA single mom who won $343.9 million in a recent Powerball drawing is donating $500,000 to an organization that supports wounded veterans. And she says that's just the start.
Community Throws Birthday Party For Boy After Classmates Said They Wouldn’t ComeA 12-year-old boy got the surprise of his life when nearly 100 people showed up to his first-ever birthday party after most of his new classmates declined to attend.
Florida Police Officers Find Stolen Doughnut Van, Share Treats With HomelessPolice and doughnuts go hand in hand so isn't it fitting that some Florida police officers recovered a stolen van filled with delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts and got to keep what was inside.
Blind Boy's Vision Improving After New Gene Therapy TreatmentA four-year-old Oregon boy is seeing for the first time thanks to a new gene therapy treatment.
Gay Teen Asks Straight Football Captain To Homecoming On National Coming Out DayYou may have seen a lot of viral videos of high school "promprosals" or dance proposals, but this one takes the cake.
Humane Society Of Broward Rescues Nearly 50 Animals After Hurricane MichaelThe massive effort to help victims of Hurricane Michael is not only limited to people, but also the four-legged victims.
Fifth Grader Runs 50 5K's In 50 Days For Grandpa's Lung CancerFor the last seven weeks, a San Francisco fifth grader has embarked on a physical challenge that most adults wouldn't consider trying, all of his own accord.
Miami Dolphins Work To Sack Hunger With Feeding South FloridaThe Miami Dolphins score big in the community when it comes to giving back and they are trying to coach the next generation to do the same.