Florida Unemployment Rate Down To 4.7 PercentAs COVID-19 vaccination efforts expand across Florida, the state’s unemployment rate ticked down in February.
Florida Jobless Claims Fall To Lowest Weekly Level Since Start Of PandemicNew unemployment claims continue to slow in Florida, with an estimated 13,892 coming in last week.
Florida Jobless Rate Falls To 4.8 PercentDespite the leisure and hospitality industry still struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, Florida’s unemployment rate continues to improve as vaccinations increase and people return to the workforce.
Deloitte Defends Work On Unemployment SystemOfficials from a company that played a key role in setting up Florida’s much-criticized online unemployment system defended the firm’s work Monday, as Democratic lawmakers argued it launched “something that wasn't ready” and was designed by the state to fail.
Jobless Claims Below 19,000 Last WeekFlorida drew an estimated 18,982 first-time unemployment claims last week.
Florida Jobless Claims Plummet As Travel Concerns RemainFlorida has posted its lowest weekly total of first-time unemployment claims since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, despite mounting issues confronting the travel industry.
Florida First Time Jobless Claims Continue To ClimbFirst-time unemployment claims continue to increase in Florida, with more than 71,000 new applications coming in last week.
Florida Adds 24,000 Jobless Claims As President Trump Reviews Relief BillFlorida’s unemployment agency awaits a decision by President Donald Trump about the latest federal-stimulus package, which could provide $300 a week in assistance after Christmas to jobless residents.
Florida First Time Unemployment Claims Continue To FallFirst-time jobless claims continued to slow last week in Florida, while efforts are underway to bulk up the state’s unemployment agency and key parts of the economy still struggle amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Florida Unemployment Payments Top $18 BillionFlorida has topped $18 billion paid out in its unemployment system since the COVID-19 pandemic began causing major economic damage in March.
Florida Unemployment Rate At 7.6 Percent As Struggles ContinueFlorida’s unemployment rate ticked up in September as the state’s hospitality and tourism industries continue to face long-term struggles amid the coronavirus pandemic.