Deputies Ask Florida Man To Quit Calling About His Stolen MarijuanaA Florida man was told by deputies to stop calling 911 to report that his roommate had stolen his marijuana.
Florida Man Pays Off Lunch Debt For Nine SchoolsA real estate agent took it upon himself to buy off all the outstanding school lunch debt in Jupiter.
Florida Lawmaker Wants Judge Disciplined For Jailing 21-Year-Old Who Overslept Jury DutyA Florida lawmaker is being joined by other local and community leaders to call for disciplinary action against the judge who jailed a 21-year-old man for oversleeping and missing jury duty.
Florida Man Can’t Step On North Carolina Campuses After Violating State’s Sports Agent LawWillie James Barley Jr. is no longer allowed on several North Carolina university campuses,
Hialeah Man Accused Of Storing Gasoline In Modified Truck To Sell In Black MarketA Hialeah man is facing serious charges Thursday afternoon after he was busted with a modified truck, police said he used to sell black-market gasoline.
Florida Man Accused Of Forcing Alligator To Drink BeerA Treasure Coast man is accused of provoking a small alligator to bite his arm and pouring beer into its mouth.
State Sen. Bobby Powell Calls For Investigation Of Judge In Controversial Jury Duty CaseA Florida state senator has filed an official complaint about the judge who sentenced a man who missed his jury duty.
Judge Clears Record Of Florida Man Jailed For Oversleeping Jury DutyA Florida man who spent 10 days in jail after oversleeping and missing jury duty had his record cleared Monday by a judge.
Florida Man Sent To Jail For Oversleeping Jury Duty Gets Reduced SentenceA Florida man who was sent to jail for 10 days because he overslept and didn't report for jury duty, has had his sentence reduced.
Florida Man Accused Of Beating, Raping Pregnant Girlfriend To Kill Fetus Police in Gainesville say a 20-year-old man beat, raped and threatened his pregnant girlfriend with a knife in hopes of killing the fetus.
Florida Man Accused of Breaking Into Home, Trying On Baby Clothes, Threatening WomanPolice investigators in Pensacola say a 36-year-old man broke into a woman's home, held her hostage while he masturbated and tried on some of her baby's clothes.
Florida Man Oversleeps Jury Duty, Gets 10-Day Jail SentenceFailing to report for jury duty is no joke. Just ask a Florida man who accidentally overslept and was sentenced to 10-days in jail for missing his jury service.
'I'm Not Gonna Lie, I Bit Them': Florida Woman Who Bit Camel's Testicles Reveals What HappenedA Florida woman involved in a bizarre camel-biting incident is now talking about her ordeal.
Police: Florida Mother Tries To Kill Kids By Crashing Into Tree, Claims Husband Put Hex On HerA Florida woman is facing attempted murder charges after police say she tried to kill her four children by purposefully crashing her minivan into a palm tree, but not before telling all four kids to unbuckle their seat belts.
Florida Teen Dies Protecting Little Sister During Home InvasionA Florida teen who was killed protecting his little sister during a home invasion is being heralded a hero.