Hard Work Pays OffHaving a Bright Futures Scholarship not only provided Brandi with financial support, but it was also a boost to her confidence.
'Like Hitting A Home Run In The Ninth': Student Scores Big With Bright Futures ScholarshipEvery year, thousands of students like Alexander get the benefits provided by the Bright Futures Scholarship Program, part of the efforts of the Florida Lottery to improve the way of life of Floridians by helping them get better education opportunities.
Engineering A Better LifeHaving a chance to help others is often one of the main motivations for people like Sydney Clarke, a Bright Futures Scholarship recipient.
Florida Lottery Reaches $38 Billion in Education FundingThe Florida Lottery is responsible for contributing more than $38 billion to education and sending more than 880,000 students to college through the Bright Futures Scholarship Program.
The Bright Futures Scholarship Program Is A Key That Opens Many DoorsThere are more than 880,000 students that the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program has helped to reach college and get a chance at a better life.
The Chance At A Better Life Through HopeThousands of students like Pam Payano have benefited from the chance to attend college tuition free through the Florida Lottery Bright Futures Scholarship Program.
The Florida Lottery Bright Futures Scholarship Program Provides Life Changing OpportunitiesThousands of students like Lauryn Brown have benefited from life changing opportunities Thanks to the Florida Lottery Bright Futures Scholarship Program.