Florida Death Row Inmate Wants Electric ChairA Florida prison inmate who says he wants to die as soon as possible to attain "spiritual freedom" is demanding that he be put to death in an electric chair, rather than by lethal injection.
Florida Executes Man Who Killed Wife, Young BoyA Florida man who stabbed his wife and her young son to death nearly 30 years ago is scheduled to be put to death Wednesday.
U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Florida's Use Of IQ Rule For Death Row Inmates Siding with a Death Row inmate convicted of killing a pregnant woman in 1978, the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected Florida's use of a "rigid" IQ score in determining whether defendants should be shielded from execution because they are intellectually disabled.
Central Florida Killer Executed A central Florida man convicted of killing his cousin and his cousin's wife is scheduled to put to death on Wednesday.
More Last Minute Appeals Possible Ahead Of Chavez ExecutionThe convicted murderer of nine-year-old Jimmy Ryce, Juan Carlos Chavez, has less than 19 hours to live and his lawyers are spending those hours fighting to extend his life through last minute appeals.
Florida Inmate Executed For Illinois Woman's MurderA Florida inmate who has been on Death Row for 27 years ended his sentence Tuesday evening. William Happ was put to death by chemical injection at Florida State Prison for the 1986 strangulation murder of Angie Crowley.
Serial Killer/Rapist Gore Executed TuesdayAfter 23 years on Florida’s death row, Marshall Lee Gore, a former escort service owner who killed two women, was executed by lethal injection Tuesday evening.
Temporary Stay Of Execution Granted For Miami KillerA South Florida man convicted of murdering an exotic dancer 25 years ago has been granted a stay of execution less than two hours before he was scheduled to die by lethal injection.
Man Convicted Of Killing Dancer To Die MondayA South Florida man convicted of murdering an exotic dancer 25 years ago is scheduled to be put to death on Monday.
Court Lifts Execution Stay For Mentally Ill Mass KillerA federal appeals court has lifted a district judge’s stay of execution for a South Florida man convicted of more than half a dozen murders.
Fla High Court: Ferguson Sane Enough For Lethal InjectionThe execution of mass killer John Errol Ferguson will take place later this month after the Florida Supreme Court ruled he is sane and can therefore be executed by the state for the murders of eight victims more than 30-years ago.