Broward County Offers "Twitter Alert"Residents in Broward County are encouraged to sign up for “Twitter Alert” to receive emergency information.
Gov. Scott To Address Hurricane Conference WednesdayWith the start of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season less than a month away, state and federal officials are urging Florida residents to get ready now.
Governor's Hurricane Conference Underway In Ft. Lauderdale
FEMA Denies Broward, Miami-Dade Money For Sandy ReliefThe Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied disaster assistance for areas of the state damaged by Hurricane Sandy, according to Florida officials.
Florida Crews Sent North To Assist Hurricane Sandy VictimsAs the gusty winds and harsh rains of Hurricane Sandy pound the northeastern United States; Florida rescue crews have made their way to the area to lend a helping hand to those who will be affected by Hurricane Sandy.
Broward Couple Busted In BP Oil Spill Fraud Gets 13 YearsFraudsters Joseph Harvey and wife Anja Karin Kannell will be exchanging their waterfront McMansion for a tiny prison cell. Their Bentley will no longer be their mode of transportation. Prison-issued shoes will.
Feds Pay Over $15 Mil In Aid To Debby VictimsMore than 10 thousand people have asked about federal aid for losses from Tropical Storm Debby, with over $15 million paid out by the feds to date.
Feds Pay Over $5 Mil In Aid To Debby VictimsRequests for help continue to pour in to the feds from victims of tropical storm Debby after the storm caused flooding and other damage across the northern part of Florida. FEMA said more than $5 million in aid has already been paid.
FEMA Tours Flood Damaged Broward NeighborhoodsBroward homeowners who suffered rain or flood damage from showers and storms over the Halloween weekend may be getting some help from Uncle Sam.
Stories Of Survival Emerging From Broward Tornado Debris Naresh Nasta was just sitting down for a meal in his Sunrise home Tuesday night when his home began exploding all around him.
Sweetwater Residents Get Federal ReprieveResidents in Sweetwater got a reprieve from the federal government Monday that could stand to save homeowners upwards of $5,000.