Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Budget Plan Addresses Climate Change ImpactsGov. Ron DeSantis wants to spend $25 million next year and more in coming years to set up a program that would help address coastal flooding and other climate-change impacts across the state.
Super Bowl LV NFL Green Week Stretches Into South Florida With Coral Reef Restoration ProjectNFL's Green Week in Tampa ahead of the Super Bowl is being felt in South Florida with the continued restoration of a section of Florida's endangered coral reef.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' Plan Would Address Climate Impacts, Environmental ConcernsGov. Ron DeSantis wants to spend $25 million next year and more in coming years to set up a program that would help address coastal flooding and other climate-change impacts across the state.
City Of Miami & Nature Conservancy Receive $400K Grant To Protect Biscayne BayOn the same day President Biden laid out his agenda on climate change, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced a partnership to help restore a stretch of shoreline along Biscayne Bay.
Restored Corals Observed Spawning For First Time In Waters Off MiamiStaghorn corals grown in a nursery and replanted at a reef restoration site off Key Biscayne have spawned for the first time which is providing hope that rebuilding Florida’s valuable marine ecosystems may be possible.
Miami Proud: 4ocean Co-founders Reach Major Milestone To Help Environment & Expand Product Line4ocean's South Florida co-founders, whose mission is to remove pollution from the ocean, has hit a new milestone.
Super Bowl LIV E-Waste Recycling Rally and Tree GiveawayDo you have a pile of old cell phones, computers, or televisions growing taller by the minute and you don’t know how to safely dispose of it? Well here’s how!
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Likely To Get Environmental Money In Upcoming SessionGov. Ron DeSantis appears poised for a victory as he seeks environmental money to combat water-quality problems that plague the state.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Praised, Criticized On Environmental SpendingGov. Ron DeSantis drew praise as “a true environmental leader” but was also criticized for not putting more money toward the Florida Forever program and failing to adequately prepare the state for climate change as he released a proposed $91.4 billion budget on Monday.
Florida Nature Center Finds Tiny Turtle With 104 Plastic Pieces In TummyAn endangered baby loggerhead turtle that washed up on a Florida beach had eaten 104 pieces of plastic.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Rolls Out Environmental ProposalsGov. Ron DeSantis wants lawmakers to double fines for sewage spills into waterways and to lock an environmental-funding pledge into state budgets for at least the next three years.
Pair Brings Awareness Of Seaside Plastic Pollution One Florida Beach At A TimeTwo people with the group "Plastic Symptoms" have trekked around the coast of Florida to raise awareness on the dangers and amount of plastics on Florida's shorelines.
Discharges From Florida’s Lake Okeechobee Challenged In Federal LawsuitDischarges from Florida's Lake Okeechobee that send nutrients down two rivers triggering algae blooms are being challenged in a new federal lawsuit.
Democratic Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Says He Can Work With Gov. DeSantis On Environment, SchoolsPresidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg says he would set aside politics and work with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to fund “good” environmental projects.
'We Are In This For The Long Haul': Florida's 4Ocean Founders Work To Save The Seas From TrashSouth Floridians are blessed to live near the ocean and enjoy beautiful beaches and two local men are working to keep it that way, not only here but across the globe.