Dade Teachers Unhappy Over Agreement With DistrictSome Miami-Dade County school teachers say they are not too happy with the recent agreement between the union and school district.
Liver Transplant Patient Says Music Helped Heal Him A 20-year-old man is celebrating the gift of life after receiving a liver transplant but that's not the only thing that saved him.
Everglades Holiday Park Resident Won't Be 'Seeing You Later, Alligator'It's a rare day when an alligator undergoes surgery but it happened just a couple of days ago for a gator who lives at Everglades Holiday Park in Broward County.
Medical Price Websites, Bid To Save Money On ProceduresWhen we go to the store, we like to have plenty of choices and we like to know the cost of those choices. The healthcare marketplace is no different. In a growing demand for transparency, medical price websites are on the rise.
FDA Investigating Complaints On Birth ControlEssure is the only permanent birth control you can get with a non-surgical procedure.
Doctor Says He Physically Feels What His Patients FeelYou’ve heard the expression, “I feel your pain,” but some people actually do, including a neurologist who is able to connect with his patients on a level most can’t.
Concern Over Dead Fish Popping Up In DadeA mystery in a northeast Miami-Dade after dead fish popped up in a canal and lake in the Sun Swept Isles neighborhood of Highland Lakes, off Ives Dairy Road.
Women Facing Animal Cruelty Charges After Dog Dies In CarA dog is dead after its owner allegedly left in a car with temperatures reaching as high as 115 degrees. Now the dog's owner and her mother are facing animal cruelty and disorderly conduct charges.
Wildlife Expert Ron Magill Weighs In On Killing Of Cecil The LionOutrage has exploded over all over the world over the killing of a famed lion in Zimbabwe by a dentist from Minnesota—even South Florida is weighing in.
Safety First As Divers Prepare For Start Of Lobster Mini-Season Lobster mini season kicks off Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. prompting local leaders to celebrate as well as authorities to remind the public of the rules.
Animal Services Rescues Dog Found Tethered In Filthy HomeA dog, found tethered inside a vacant and filthy home, is being cared for and will hopefully soon have a forever home.
Teen Accused Of Killing Homeless Man May Be Tried As AdultMiami prosecutors are expected to announce in August whether or not a South Florida teen, arrested for killing a homeless man, will be tried as an adult.
Request For Exploratory Oil Well West Of Miramar Sparks DebateA Miami real estate company which owns 20,000 acres in the Everglades has filed an application with the state to build an exploratory well in southern Broward. But the move has sparked a fight with environmentalists.
Florida City Mom Charged After Daughter BurnedA Florida City mother is in trouble with the law after her 8-year old daughter severely burned herself after being left alone to watch over her younger siblings.
Uber Says It Will Suspend Operations In Broward July 31Uber, the ride-sharing service, is suspending operations in Broward County at the end of July.