Activists Say Hundreds Of Cuban Protesters Have Been Arrested Since Anti-Regime Demonstrations Broke OutSome protesters ​were forcefully arrested as they chanted “Patria y Vida” or “Homeland and Life,” the song that has become the anthem of frustration with the communist state. ​
Calls Continue For Cuban Embassy In DC To Be Shut DownOn Tuesday, conservative leaders demanded freedom for Cuba outside the U.S. Capitol Building. 
Cuban-American Flotilla Makes Return After Getting 15 Miles Away From CubaThey lit flare guns and fireworks, sending messages of hope to Cubans fighting for freedom.
‘This Is Our Fight’: From Miami To Hialeah, Crowds Gather To Support CubaFor more than two weeks, people across South Florida have been speaking up in support of Cuba. The momentum has not slowed down, with crowds taking to the streets and even holding a vigil Monday, saying they are speaking up for those who cannot.
Cuban Who Fled Island Nation In 90s Says Today's Anti-Regime Demonstrations Are ‘Something Like I Never Seen Before’Cuban historians say there’s never been anything like it, which is echoed by a man who departed the island in the early 90s.
‘Libertad’: Thousands March In DC To Demand Change & Show Support For Freedom Fighters In CubaThe demonstrators marched in front of the White House and the Cuban embassy in Washington, D.C. They say Cuba’s fight for freedom is being ignored by the Biden administration.
Small Flotilla Leaves Miami For Cuba Despite Homeland Security WarningThe planned Freedom Flotilla was on its way Friday afternoon from Key West to the international waters near Cuba.
'Other Things Can Be Done': Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Says Biden's New Sanctions Targeting Cuban Regime Aren't EnoughMiami Mayor Francis Suarez is calling for more action as the Biden administration imposes new sanctions targeting the Cuban regime.
Biden Administration Announces Sanctions On Cuban Defense Minister, 'Black Berets' Special Forces Unit For Human Rights AbusesThe Biden administration is imposing new sanctions targeting elements of the Cuban regime responsible for human rights violations during recent protests on the Communist island.
Biden Reexamines Cuban Policies: Orders Review Of Remittances And May Increase Embassy StaffEfforts from Cuban Americans and allies who've been protesting for more than a week, could be seeing some positive results.
South Floridians Continue To Stand In Solidarity With CubaThe conditions in Cuba continue to be a cause for concern in South Florida as Cuban Americans continue to stand in solidarity with the country.