Cuban Activist Yunior Garcia Leaves For Spain After Being Suppressed By Communist GovernmentHis departure from Cuba was unannounced. He arrived with his wife on Wednesday on tourist visas.
South Florida Congressional Delegation Demands Change In CubaDelegation members spoke out in Washington, D.C. while members of Parliament from Italy and Spain were in Miami for a news conference.
‘Crying For Freedom’: South Florida Political Leaders Call On Biden Administration To Step Up For Cuban PeopleFlorida Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar were among several members of Congress who gathered Tuesday to speak out on the ongoing issues in Cuba.
Havana-Based Human Rights Organization Says Cuban Police Have Arrested Nearly A Dozen PeopleThe city of Havana saw a heavy police presence on Monday morning as authorities prepared to face potential protesters. Ultimately, streets remained quiet, however – evidence of the chilling effects of the government's warnings.
South Florida Rallies For Freedom In CubaSouth Florida's Cuban community is expected to take to the streets and attend demonstrations on Monday in a show of solidarity with the people of Cuba.
Facing South Florida: Cuba’s Fight for FreedomDespite warnings of incarceration, or worse, Cuban dissidents on the island are planning another round of massive protests on November 15, the same say COVID-related travel restrictions will be eased for visitors there.
Cuban Leader Miguel Diaz-Canel Blasts US At UN General AssemblyCuban head of state Miguel Díaz-Canel seized on the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan to blast the United States for what he said is a history of foreign policy disasters.
‘Cuba Needs You’: Miami Women Hospitalized After Going On Hunger Strike Outside Of United Nations BuildingYami Pelier is one of the women who went on the hunger strike, which eventually landed all three in the hospital after no food for a period of eight days.
Latest Reforms To Open Up Cuban Economy Seen As Same Old Story On The Island, But Will Capitalism Stick This Time Around?Back in June of this year, Cuba approved a reform that includes long-sought legal status for private businesses, but skeptics say it is part of Cuba’s often-repeated story.
'Patria Y Vida' Writer, Singer Yotuel Romero On Song's Explosion, Fight For Freedom In CubaYotuel Romero is a Cuban-born producer, actor, model, and singer who fled the island nation at 19.
Over 100 People March To Domino Park On Calle Ocho In Support Of Cuba’s Fight For FreedomThe cry for freedom in Cuba continues to echo through the streets of Miami.