Confederate Street Names In Hollywood Are HistoryAfter more than six hours of heated debate, Hollywood commissioners voted five to one to change the names of three streets named after Confederate generals.
1 Arrest During Peaceful Protest Over Confederate Street Signs In HollywoodTwo months ago anger boiled over outside Hollywood City Hall as commissioners grappled with whether to change the names of three city streets named after Confederate generals.
Florida Split On Removal Of Confederate MonumentsAs city and state leaders debate the fate of statues and memorials related to the Confederacy, a new poll shows nearly half of Florida voters believe the statues should remain in public places.
State Senator Files Bill To Eliminate Florida’s Confederate HolidaysBroward County State Sen. Lauren Book filed a bill Friday to eliminate Florida’s confederate holidays. 
Plantation Lawmaker Proposes Eliminating Confederate HolidayA South Florida senator has proposed a bill that would eliminate Confederate Memorial Day from a list of legal holidays included in state law.
Hundreds Seek Removal Of Confederate Monument In BradentonWaving signs against racism, several hundred people protested Monday outside the Manatee County Historic Courthouse in Bradenton demanding the removal of a Confederate monument.
Trump Digs In On Confederate Statues Amid BacklashPresident Donald Trump has lashed out at prominent members of his own party who have questioned his moral leadership and competency for his reaction to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia and his defense of Confederate memorials.
Work Continues To Remove Confederate State In GainesvilleWork continued Monday morning to remove a Confederate statue that is a memorial to men of the Gainesville area who lost their lives in the Civil War.
Hollywood Inclined To Rename Streets Honoring Confederate GeneralsHollywood commissioners voted 5-2 during a contentious three-hour meeting Monday night to rename three streets because their current names are "symbols of hate."
Activists Want Hollywood To Change "Symbols Of Hate"Activists want Hollywood commissioners to change the names of several streets because their current names are "symbols of hate."
New Orleans Gets Rid Of Confederate StatueCity workers sported bulletproof vests and helmets while removing a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in New Orleans Thursday as others cheered. glad to see it taken down.