Crews To Do Emergency Work At Surfside To Preserve EvidenceThere was a court hearing Friday regarding the site of the building collapse in Surfside.
City Of Miami Firefighter Enrique Arango, Who Lost Daughter In Surfside Condo Collapse, Files LawsuitThe City of Miami firefighter whose daughter died in the Surfside Tower Collapse has filed a lawsuit.
Judge: Preserving Evidence Is Key To Surfside Condo CollapseDon't lose the evidence. That's the key to understanding what caused the Surfside condo collapse and to protect the legal rights of victims and others, a judge said Wednesday.
Fear, Shock Captured By Surfside First Responders' Body CamerasNewly released body-worn camera footage shows the moments police got to the site of the Surfside building collapse.
Surfside 5K Brings Together Hundreds In Support Families Of Condo Collapse VictimsThe Support Surfside 5K brought together hundreds of people from all across South Florida on Saturday morning to show their support for the town of Surfside and the families of victims of the Champlain Tower South condo collapse.
Hundreds Participate In 5k Run For Surfside VictimsOn Saturday, hundreds of people showed up to participate in a 5K run for the victims of Surfside at Markham Park.
Surfside Sign Language Interpreter Brenda Atkinson Wishes More Could Be Done For Hearing ImpairedYou may remember Brenda Atkinson from the many Surfside press conferences, standing close to the mayor.
Groups Step In To Help Surfside Collapse Survivors As They Look For New Places To LiveThe road ahead is a long one for the survivors of the Champlain Towers South collapse in Surfside.
Town Of Surfside Wants To Do Its Own Full Forensic Investigation Of Condo Collapse SiteSurfside Mayor Charles Burkett says the county has done a great job helping Surfside during the search, rescue and recovery efforts, but now needs them to allow the town to find out what went wrong.
Neighbors 4 Neighbors' Surfside Building Collapse Victim Fund Helping Those In NeedIf you're looking for a way to help those affected by the Surfside condo collapse, Neighbors 4 Neighbors has established a fund to help those in need.
Estelle Hedaya, Last Victim Of Surfside Condo Collapse IdentifiedThe last victim of the Surfside condo collapse has been identified, according to her brother.
Surfside Collapse: A Look At Those IdentifiedAs the search and recovery effort at the site of the Champlain Towers South collapse continues, here are the people whose remains have been recovered and identified.
Surfside Condo Collapse Victims, Families Honored At Memorial ConcertThe community around Surfside came together Sunday for a concert to remember the Champlain Towers South collapse victims and their family members.
Surfside Remembers Victims Of Condo Collapse With Memorial ConcertA memorial concert is being held in Surfside Sunday evening to honor the victims of the condo collapse tragedy.
Saturday Marked One Month Since Surfside Tragedy Devastated South Florida CommunityThe investigation is only just beginning, and at least one family waits for the closure they need.