Memorial Plaque For Surfside Condo Collapse Victims Installed At Underwater SanctuaryDivers at Neptune Memorial Reef installed a memorial plaque on Sunday afternoon to honor the 98 victims of the Surfside condo collapse.
Local Leaders Recognize Surfside First RespondersA special recognition for the first responders who risked their lives in the Surfside collapse was held Wednesday.
Surfside Condo Collapse Lawsuits Will Likely Go To Trial Next SummerLawsuits seeking millions in damages from the collapse of the Champlain Towers South Condominium in Surfside, that killed 98 people, will likely go to trial next summer.
Brother Of Surfside Condo Collapse Victims Testifies Against Bill That Would Lower Time To File Lawsuits Over Construction Defect ClaimsHoping to make a difference, the brother of a Surfside condo collapse victim testified in Tallahassee on Tuesday against a bill that would lower the amount of time to file a lawsuit over building defects.
Surfside Collapse Survivors Receive Holiday Gift CardsThey survived the unthinkable but lost everything. Folks who made it through the Surfside condo collapse received a well-deserved assist ahead of Thanksgiving.
Historic Dade County Courthouse Set To Reopen December 6 Following Structural InspectionThe historic Dade County Courthouse will reopen in December, after being shutdown for five months.
Lawsuit: Surfside Condo Collapse Triggered By Nearby ConstructionNearly five months after the tragic Surfside condo collapse, a new lawsuit has been filed which claims construction of a new luxury condo near Champlain Towers South, led to the collapse that killed 98 people in June.
Federal Probe Into Surfside Condo Collapse Gaining SteamThe federal probe into the deadly collapse of the Champlain Towers South in Surfside is moving along, but is far from being completed.
Locksmiths To Work On 19 Safes Found At Surfside Condo Collapse SiteThe latest in a series of court proceedings was held Wednesday on what to do at the Surfside collapse site.
Coalition Of Engineers, Architects Calls For Beach Condo Inspections Every 20 Years Following Surfside Condo CollapseA coalition of engineers and architects said Florida should consider requiring high-rise buildings near the coast to undergo safety inspections every 20 years with follow-ups every seven years.
Miami Beach City Commission Unanimously Approves Dedicating Baseball Field After Surfside Condo Collapse Victim Manny LaFont"I think of happy memories," said Santi, Manny's son who still plays on that field. "I tell my friends my dad taught me this and this."