Smartphones Play Role In Broward Traffic Light Timing Did you know the smartphone in your purse or pocket is playing a major role in the timing of traffic lights in parts of Broward? As CBS4s Brian Andrews explains, your smartphone is giving off a signal that's being used to study traffic patterns on what are called "arterials," the roads that feed our major thoroughfares.
Major Changes For Commuters On SR 836 The major traffic lane changes to State Road 836 started this weekend, but with Monday a holiday for some, drivers returning to work Tuesday may find themselves confused on their usual route.
Traffic Alert: Weekend Ramp Changes For SR 836/SR 826Drivers tired of the construction at the State Road 836/State Road 826 interchange will have a new change to be aware of this weekend.
New Monitors Help Metrorail Riders Track TrainsThe next time you hop a ride on the Metrorail, you may notice something different at the station.
Broward To Dade Commute Busiest In The State If you live in Broward and get stuck in insane rush hour traffic because you have to drive to and from Miami-Dade for your job – you’re not alone.
County To Unveil Plans To Replace South M-D Busway With Toll RoadSouth Miami-Dade residents are about to find out about big plans that could impact their daily commute and perhaps their pocketbook.
I-595: Construction vs. Drivers In 1991, it was heralded as the "highway to serve the next century." But I-595 has failed to live up to it's opening billing. The construction cranes and mounds of dirt are back, as an explosion of growth in West Broward has forced an expansion of the major East-West Broward County Interstate after a mere 20-years.
Study: Miami Traffic Worst On The East CoastAnyone who’s ever been stuck on the Palmetto or in a delay on the Don Shula will tell you that Miami has some of the worst traffic in the country and a new study says they are exactly right.