Scott Seeks To Scuttle Challenge To Citrus Money VetoAttorney for Florida's governor argued Monday that the Florida Supreme Court should reject a lawsuit that challenges the governor's veto of $37.4 million that would compensate homeowners for healthy citrus trees that were cut down by the state. 
Florida Orange Crop Estimate Increases Slightly In JuneFlorida's orange crop forecast has increased slightly but its grapefruit crop has remained unchanged.
Lawmakers Agree To Pay Millions For Lost Citrus TreesThe secret budget deal worked out in Tallahassee by GOP leaders includes nearly $40 million in compensation for homeowners in two counties whose citrus trees were torn out in the state's effort to eradicate citrus canker.
Citrus Farmers Looking For Rebound After Drop In Latest ForecastFlorida's citrus farmers are hoping for a better second half of the growing season after the latest decline in projections for the state's orange and grapefruit harvest.
More Bad News For Florida's Orange GrowersThe latest forecast shows the state's citrus industry in on pace for its worst harvest in five decades.
New Forecast Shows Continuing Citrus StrugglesFlorida's struggling citrus industry saw a slight dip in the latest forecast for orange and grapefruit harvests.
Citrus Forecast Gets A Little SweeterThe state's struggling citrus industry got a little good news on Wednesday with a slight uptick in the orange crop forecast for the recently started season.
Florida Farmers In Crisis Over Citrus Greening Disease Florida's nearly $11-billion-dollar citrus industry faces a growing danger from disease. A tree- killing bacteria is wiping out the state's famous orange groves.
UF Researchers Develop Device To Count Citrus Fruit DropResearchers at the University of Florida have invented a way to quickly and accurately count the amount of citrus fruit dropped early so that growers can see where the deadly citrus greening disease is most affecting groves.
USDA Plans To Spend $30 Million On Fighting Citrus DiseaseIn an effort to fight back a disease that has decimated the Sunshine State’s most famous crops, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Monday that it plans to spend $30 million fighting citrus greening.
State's Citrus Crop Could Be Lowest On RecordThings are not so sweet for Florida's orange growers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture have downgraded the state's orange crop forecast for this season.