In The Recruiting Huddle: Corey Prince - Chaminade-MadonnaIs easily one of the strongest defensive line prospects in South Florida - and has had the chance to prove it this year, going up against some elite players and teams.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Daelen Menard - Chaminade-MadonnaThrows the ball very well - and has developed leadership qualities, which every college looks for in a quarterback.
On The Radar: Offseason Series – Part 19With spring in full swing, many colleges and universities across the country are arriving in South Florida – only to find that there are so many athletes in new places.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Zeke Alexander - Chaminade-MadonnaThe best way to judge how prospect-rich a program really is, just check how many elite athletes are being overlooked.
On The Radar: Offseason Series – Part 15There was a time when the state football championships had ended and the attention quickly moved on to the next sport - with a little offseason football conditioning sprinkled in.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Zachary Dixon, Jr. - Chaminade-MadonnaSo far this offseason, there have been a number of student-athletes changing schools. Some receive plenty of hype and promotion while others seem to do their own thing without a lot of fanfare.
On The Radar: Offseason Series – Part 11While some believe that camps and combines are a waste of time for athletes, thinking that they can do better working on their own, there are others who feel that any exposure is positive.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Eric Scott - Chaminade-Madonna There have been several offseason transfers that have taken place so far in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, and while many have gotten plenty of attention, bringing this talented football prospect to Hollywood may turn out to be the biggest in the area.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Marvin Alexander - Chaminade-MadonnaTwo years ago, as Alexander was just coming out of the ninth grade, heading toward his sophomore year, many started to get a look at this impressive football talent who had everything but experience.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Henry Columbi – Chaminade-MadonnaFrom the beginning of his career at University School, we have watched this quality talent grow up and mature – right before our very eyes.
In The Recruiting Huddle: A.J. Jancosko - Chaminade-MadonnaWhile we have told his story in the past, it may need some refreshing in the minds of college coaches across the country.