On The Radar: Offseason Series – Part 15There was a time when the state football championships had ended and the attention quickly moved on to the next sport - with a little offseason football conditioning sprinkled in.
On The Radar: Offseason Series – Part 13If you look back over the past decade, you will see some amazing advancements when it comes to recruiting.
South Florida Sends 120 Wrestlers To State Tournament
In The Recruiting Huddle: John Dunmore - Cardinal GibbonsHaving watched this impressive football talent the past two years, he has now settled in with the Chiefs and has started to elevate himself.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Maxwell Worship - Cardinal GibbonsHaving watched this quality football prospect perform over the past two years, there was never any doubt how good he can be.
On The Radar: Offseason Series – Part FourAs we officially kicked off the first week of the New Year, area high school football fans can plainly see that nothing has changed. The athletes are still working harder than ever – year round.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Khris Bogle – Cardinal GibbonsBefore he took over as head coach, Matt Dubuc realized that to compete with the better teams in South Florida, he would need to elevate his roster.
On The Radar: Season Series – Part 14What an exciting time of year. Whether you are a football player, fan or a coach, the feeling that you are receiving will last a lifetime.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Erik Andreassen - Cardinal GibbonsFrom the first time we watched this quality football talent during his junior year, there was simply no doubt that this was a special prospect.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Ron Hardge III – Cardinal GibbonsOne of the bright stars of this current junior class who truly made an impact this past season as the Chiefs turned the corner and showed they are ready to compete with anyone.
In The Recruiting Huddle: Carlos Sandy - Cardinal GibbonsOne of the true underclass talents in South Florida who has been responsible for the success of this team.