White House: Taiwan Is Not A Bargaining ChipThe White House says the U.S. relationship with Taiwan should not be bargaining chip meant to increase leverage with China over trade issues.
Senate Republican Leader: Russians Not 'Our Friends'Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell strongly condemned any foreign meddling that could have influenced the U.S. presidential election.
Trump's "Thank You" Tour Takes Him To Michigan, LouisianaPresident-elect Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin at the Trump Tower in New York before hitting the road for Louisiana and Michigan.
Union Leader Criticizes Trump Over Carrier DealPresident-elect Donald Trump travels to Iowa on Thursday, the third stop of his 'thank-you' tour.
Trump Meets With N. Carolina Gov. McCroryPresident-elect Donald Trump met with outgoing North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory at Trump Tower on Wednesday.
Trump Calls Out Boeing Over New Air Force One CostBefore President-elect Donald Trump resumed his "Thank You" tour with a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Tuesday he called out Boeing over the cost of new Air Force Ones.
Rep. Wasserman Schultz Critical Of Trump's Cabinet PicksDuring his campaign in pursuit of the Oval Office, Donald Trump promised to be a President for all Americans.
Trump Taps Ben Carson To Lead Dept. Housing And Urban DevelopmentPresident elect Donald Trump has announced that he plans to nominate Dr. Ben Carson to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Bondi Quiet On Possible Job In Trump AdministrationAmid widespread speculation that she could move to a job in the new Trump administration, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi deflected questions after meeting with President-elect Donald Trump in New York last week.
Trump To Offer "Mad Dog" Mattis Secretary Of Defense PostPresident-elect Donald Trump stunned his own aides when he announced during a stop in Cincinnati that he plans to offer the post of defense secretary to retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis.
Trump To Begin Victory Tour In Indiana, OhioPresident-elect Donald Trump is hitting the road on a victory tour.
Trump Leaving Businesses To Focus On Presidency Amid PressurePresident-elect Donald Trump says he is leaving his business empire to focus on being the 45th president of the United States amid pressure to avoid conflicts of interest between being president and profiting from the private sector.
Trump Picks A Champion Of Privatizing Medicare For CabinetPresident-elect Donald Trump has chosen Georgia Rep. Tom Price to oversee the nation's health care system.
Trump's Aides Divided In Hunt For Sec. Of StatePresident elect Donald Trump's search for a Secretary of State has taken a dramatic turn.
Trump To Fill More Vacancies; Recount Distraction Looms President-elect Donald Trump is facing more pressure to fill vacancies for secretary of state and other top posts in his administration.