Broward School Board Votes To Move Forward With Exit Deal For General Counsel Barbara MyrickThe Broward School Board held a special meeting Thursday morning to discuss the terms of the exit deal for its general counsel.
Broward School Board Takes First Step To Terminate Superintendent Robert RuncieThe Broward School board has taken the first step in terminating Superintendent Robert Runcie and General Council Barbara Myrick’s employment with the district.
Broward School Board To Vote Thursday On Future Of Superintendent Robert RuncieThe Broward School Board will vote on Thursday whether or not to move forward with a termination agreement for Superintendent Robert Runcie.
Superintendent Robert Runcie Tells Broward School Board He's Open To Stepping Down“If the environment is not as such that I can’t do my very best, I’m willing to discuss a path to a mutual agreement of separation.”
Newly Sworn In Broward School Board Members Promise Safety Will Be A Top PriorityTwo people connected to one of the darkest days in Broward School District history are now sitting on the Broward School Board.
Group Of Broward Parents Hold Rally For Return To School Full-TimeA group of Broward parents arguing their children should be given the option to go back to school five days a week come August held a rally outside the Broward School Board Building on Tuesday morning.
A Day After Board Votes To Keep Him, It's Business As Usual For Broward Schools Chief Robert RuncieBroward schools chief Robert Runcie said he hopes school board members continue to hold him accountable.
Future Of Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie In Limbo After Call For Vote By Parkland ParentDays away from a critical vote, Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie made no comment Wednesday on his future.
Broward School Board Rejected Safety Proposal That May Have Prevented Parkland MassacreFive years ago, the Broward School District rejected a proposal that could have led to stronger security measures.
Broward Schools Hire New Chief Of SecurityBroward schools have hired a new chief of security, chief of safety, and emergency preparedness.
Runcie's Latest Criticism's Due To Perceived Mistreatment Of New School Board Member Lori AlhadeffSince the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, several actions have been taken in Florida’s capital.