Cuba Removed From US State Sponsors Terrorism ListThe U.S. Department of State announced Friday that Cuba has been officially dropped from its list of State Sponsor of Terrorism.
Grief, Anger On Anniversary Of 'Brothers To The Rescue' DeathsIn Little Havana Tuesday there was grief and anger at a rally and march on the 19th anniversary of the shoot down of two Brothers to The Rescue airplanes over international waters by Cuban jet fighters.
Families Of Victims Killed By Spies Released In Cuba Deal Express OutrageFamilies of the victims killed in the infamous Brothers to the Rescue shoot down are outraged Wednesday following the release of three Cuban spies convicted of their deaths.
Number Of Cubans Fleeing To U.S. Is Increasing The Cuban refugee rafter crisis was paramount two decades ago but now it seems the numbers are starting to increase once again.
Vigil Held For Brothers To The Rescue VictimsA silent vigil will take place at the main fountain of FIU Monday afternoon to remember the four victims of the 1996 Brothers to the Rescue shoot down that took place 18 years ago.
1st Of 'Cuban 5' Spy Ring Out Of U.S. PrisonRene Gonzalez, a Cuban man convicted of spying in the U.S. for the communist Castro government, was released Friday after serving a 15-year sentence.
I-Team: Secrets Behind The Shootdown On Its 15th Anniversary It's been 15 years since Cuban MIG fighter jets shot down two civilian planes flown by the humanitarian group "Brothers to the Rescue." Four people on board those civilian planes died.
15th Anniversary Of Brothers To The Rescue TragedyOn this day fifteen years ago, a plume of smoke captured by a tourist's camera from a cruise ship marked the spot where a pair of Cuban MIG jets shot down two Brothers to the Rescue planes.
I-Team: Brothers To The Rescue DeclassifiedEven as the administration of President Barack Obama has begun reaching out to Cuba and relations between to two countries move closer and closer to thawing; the CBS4 I-Team has obtained once secret documents that raise questions about whether Fidel Castro ever truly wants normal relations with the United States.
I-Team: Docs Show Cuban Shoot Down Was ExpectedFor more than a decade the mystery surrounding the secrets behind the shootdown of two Brothers to the Rescue airplanes by Cuban military jets has remained elusive. To find answers to that mystery, the CBS4 I-Team spent a year digging through once-top secret documents about the shoot down.