The Cheapest Time To Buy A Holiday Plane TicketAlready purchase your airline tickets to get out of town for Christmas? Orbitz reports tickets prices are up about 2-percent this year.
Local Laws Lack Specifics When It Comes To Outdoor Dining RegulationsEver visit your favorite outdoor cafe and notice how close your table is to traffic?
Chikungunya Fever Rampant In Puerto RicoThe CDC says the Chikungunya outbreak in the Caribbean and Latin America shows no sign of slowing down, and if you are not careful, you could come home with symptoms.
Weekend Closures On Turnpike, Dolphin ExpyDrivers should be prepared for major road closures in both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties this weekend.
Company Behind Defective Airbags May Have Known A Decade BeforeThe company behind defective airbags linked to injures, deaths even a lawsuit in South Florida may have known about the problem a decade ago and said nothing.
Tipster Helps Police Catch School BurglarA man accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of copper wire and security camera equipment is behind bars after a tipster called authorities following a CBS4 report.
Robbers Strip Targets Of Cash & ClothesA couple of armed robbers have figured out how to buy a little more time as they make their getaway - they make their targets strip naked.
Curbelo Defeats Garcia For U.S. House SeatU.S. Rep. Joe Garcia conceded to Republican challenger Carlos Curbelo Tuesday night.
South Florida Nurses Blast Hospitals Over Ebola PrepsSouth Florida nurses are calling on their employers to make sure they’re prepared for an Ebola case here.
Local Congresswoman Worries About Ebola Threat From Cuba With no flights or cargo ships connecting South Florida to West Africa, there’s no reason to be concerned of a case in the area but every reason to be prepared.
'Moon Suits' & Giant Plastic Tarps Part Of Ft. Lauderdale Ebola ProtectionIf a person is experiencing Ebola-like symptoms and is picked up by paramedics, that person will be riding in what rescue personnel call a big plastic bag.
Head Of Healthcare Union In South Florida Urges More Ebola Preparedness Federal officials held an informational conference call on Ebola Monday and among the thousands of people listening was the head of the local Healthcare Workers Union that represents 4,000 healthcare workers.
Scientists Working On Zapping Bad MemoriesIt sounds like science fiction. The idea that bad memories could be erased with a flash of light. Well, the future is here - at least for mice.
Checkpoint J-Central Of MIA Evacuated Over Suspicious PackageThe Miami International Airport was evacuated Friday after a suspicious package was found in the Checkpoint J-Central security check point.
Health Officials Tracking Down FLL Travelers Health officials are in the process of tracking down dozens of passengers who flew to and from Fort Lauderdale this week on Frontier airlines. It's the very same jetliner the nurse who is sick with Ebola took to Dallas a day earlier.