Company Placing Bitcoin ATMs All Over South FloridaBitcoin of America is making a push to expand its operation in South Florida. 
Bitcoin On Insane Record RunBitcoin is on an insane record run and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.
While Bitcoin Value Has Dipped, Business For Local Company That Makes Bitcoin ATMs Is BoomingA year ago, one bitcoin would have cost you roughly $11,000. Today it fetches a little more than $3,000. 
Con Artists Using Old Sextortion Scam To Threaten People Out Of MoneyThe latest scam circulating online has to do with porn -- and your password.
Cryptocurrency Condo Sale Attempt Proves To Be Wild Ride For South Florida ResidentWhen Ciro Fodere listed his condo at Platinum for sale, within hours his listing went viral in social media. 
Feds Clamping Down, Two Bitcoin Traders Charged With FraudThe feds continue to clamp down on the cryptocurrencies market, charging two bitcoin traders with fraud. 
Bitcoin Reaches New High While Hackers Pull Off Heist At Digital Currency MarketplaceThe bitcoin phenomenon broke another record on Wednesday while hackers made off with unspecified amount in cyber-heist.
Bitcoin's Rise Prompts Questions Of Who's Buying Into ItIf you invested in bitcoin when it first started trading in 2010 you bought one coin for 8 cents. Today it hit $8,300.
Judge: Bitcoin Not Same As Money In Criminal CaseA South Florida judge ruled Monday that bitcoins are not the same as money when it comes to crimes like money laundering.
Miami Hosts Annual North American Bitcoin ConferenceThousands of entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency experts and members of the Bitcoin community are down in Miami for an annual conference on the digital currency.
Breaking Down The Bits Of Bitcoin Imagine when you wake up tomorrow your bank account has twenty percent more money in it. Or perhaps it's 20 percent missing. You probably would lose sleep right? We'll it is happening right now with a new currency called Bitcoin.