Miami Celebrates City's 118th BirthdayHappy Birthday Miami! That’s right, today the Magic City is celebrating its 118th birthday.
Local Heroes Gather To Make 6-Year-Old Boy With Leukemia's Birthday Wish Come True A special photo shoot was held Monday at Miami International Airport—all in the name of making one little boy's birthday wish come true.
Miami Tennis Champ Celebrates 100th BirthdayA South Florida sports legend reached a major milestone today.
Homeless Get To Join In On The Party Over 1,200 homeless people will get the opportunity to blow out their candles on Wednesday at birthday parties held around South Florida.
S. Florida WWII Veteran Celebrates Centennial BirthdayThe second oldest living female veteran from World War II celebrated her birthday at a Broward hospital this weekend, but it wasn't your typical celebration.
Fidel Castro, Out Of Sight, On 86th BirthdayFormer Cuban leader Fidel Castro turns 86 years old Monday, out of the public eye.
Miami Celebrates 116th Birthday With PartyThe Magic City turns 116 on Saturday, and the city is celebrating with a big party. Yes, you're invited.
Something Extra: The Most Common And Uncommon BirthdaysHave you ever wondered how popular your birthday is?
Something Extra: Celebrating SeussDo you like "Green Eggs and Ham?"
Birthday Celebration Cranking Up For Ali Muhammad Ali's wife says the boxing great is still a "big kid" who enjoys his birthday parties.
Navy Vet Celebrates 103rd Birthday On Biscayne BayA South Florida man who served on a destroyer during World War II received a very special gift from the U.S. Coast Guard on Monday for his 103rd birthday.