Critical Mass Ride, Halloween Style, Set For Friday EveningIt might be Halloween but it’s also the last Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for another Critical Mass which will be riding through your usually-congested roads.
Critical Mass Ride Set For Friday EveningParts of South Florida, especially Miami Beach, be prepared because Critical Mass will be sweeping through your usually-congested area Friday evening.
Critical Mass Ride Set For Friday EveningBrickell be prepared—Critical Mass will be sweeping through your usually-congested area Friday evening.
Man's "Pedalling For 20 Million Dreams" Trip Begins SundayFrom South Florida to Washington D.C., a man hopes his bike ride will get a message to President Barack Obama to halt deportations.
Lauderdale Man Biking To Raise Money To Buy Toddler Prosthetic ArmA Ft. Lauderdale man who lost both of his arms in an accident in 1992 has embarked on a cross country bike ride to raise money to buy a prosthetic arm for a toddler.
Local Police Pedal In Tour De Force Police officers from across the state will continue their trek north Monday for a cause.
Miami Police Hit The Road To Help Special GirlA dozen or so Miami police officers have taken their motto ‘to protect and serve’ to another level.
Wounded Warriors Find Therapy In Keys Dolphins It was a different kind of therapy for about 30 wounded military veterans who had an interactive session with dolphins in the Florida Keys Saturday.
Miami Beach's DecoBike Cruising Into Other CitiesDecoBike is the latest in Miami Beach transportation, and now it's taking its initiative into other cities.