Welcome Home AtlantisIt’s the end of an era for NASA. Just before 6 a.m. Atlantis landed its final landing at the Kennedy Space Center bringing to an end the 30 year shuttle program.
Hours Till Touchdown For The Last ShuttleOne of the most famous tunes by an American composer woke the Atlantis astronauts who are now prepping for the space shuttle program's final landing in a few hours.
Shuttle's Last Landing LoomsThe last leg of an historical shuttle mission is the underway as the last American space shuttle heads home.
Emotions Run High As NASA Preps For Atlantis HomecomingEmotions are running high as the four astronauts aboard Atlantis prepare for Thursday’s homecoming, an act that will end NASA’s 30 year space shuttle program.
Last Shuttle Crew Bids Historic Goodbye To ISSFollowing a poignant farewell ceremony between crews of the International Space Station and the shuttle Atlantis, the hatches closed for the final time Monday.
Atlantis Crew Does A Little Last Minute PackingAfter some last minute packing the astronauts making NASA's last shuttle flight took some time off on Sunday to relax.
Astronauts Fix, Haul Gear On Last Shuttle Flight Astronauts kept busy fixing and hauling gear aboard the linked Atlantis and International Space Station on Saturday, as the last shuttle flight drew closer to an end.
Astronauts Fix Failed Computer On ShuttleThe crew of the space shuttle Atlantis had a rude awakening in outer space when a computer unexpectedly failed which triggered a loud alarm.
Astronauts Woken Up By Second Computer FailureThe shuttle astronauts have dealt with another computer problem aboard Atlantis. After the astronauts went to bed late Thursday afternoon, Mission Control woke them up because of a computer failure in one of the shuttle's five main computers.
Atlantis Crew Gets To Kick Back & RelaxThe astronauts on NASA's last space shuttle flight will get to kick back and relax on Thursday.
Space Station Astronauts Stocking The PantryHaving successfully completed the last spacewalk of NASA’s 30-year shuttle program, the 10 astronauts aboard the International Space Station are now high-flying ‘moving men’.
Last Spacewalk Of The Shuttle Era CompleteTwo astronauts from the International Space Station have completed the last spacewalk of NASA’s space shuttle era.
Atlantis Crew Begins Unpacking At International Space StationThe high flying delivery crew of the space shuttle Atlantis got busy Monday successfully hoisting a giant trunk out of Atlantis and attaching it to the International Space Station.
Atlantis Docks At Space Station For Final Time Emotions ran high as the space shuttle Atlantis docked at the International Space Station for the final time.
NASA Monitoring Floating Junk Heading Toward Space StationA piece of space junk hurtling toward the International Space Station is expected to make its closet approach on Tuesday, right in the middle of a planned spacewalk.