Australian Rangers Capture Crocodile After 8-Year SearchAustralian authorities captured the 1,300 pound croc on Monday. It is estimated to be more than 60-years old.
American Hunter Pushes Back After Bagging GiraffeAn American hunter is pushing back against her critics after photos of her next to a giraffe she killed in South Africa triggered global outrage.
Koko, The Gorilla Who Learned Sign Language, Has Died Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language and showed the world what great apes can do, has died.
Alligators At The Beach? Scientists Say Get Used To Predators Invading Odd PlacesAlligators on a beach? Killer whales in a river? Mountain lions in the open plains? It may sound like a mismatch, but a new study is warning that humans should get used to seeing more large predators in unexpected places.
Border Patrol Agents Find Abandoned Duffel Bag With Tiger InsideSmugglers left behind a live tiger cub in a duffel bag when they fled back to Mexico after attempting to cross the Rio Grande into Texas.
Baboons Escape Research Center With Barrel Used As A LadderIn a real life game of "Barrel of Monkeys," four baboons escaped a Texas research center after turning their toy barrel into a makeshift ladder.
2 Cities In Florida Rank Among Best In Country For Dog ParksHow dog-friendly is Florida? The Trust for Public Land is out with its list of top cities for dog parks.
Animal Abusers Banned From Adopting Pets From County SheltersMiami-Dade County Commissioners want to make sure adopted animals are placed in safe, loving homes.
Connect To Endangered Animals One Selfie At A Time Now you can connect to some of the world's most endangered animals one selfie at a time.
Contractor Claims Bobcat Attack, Condo Owner Says It Was Her House CatA man doing work inside a Tampa woman's condo claims he was attacked by a ferocious feline he swears was a bobcat.
Cloning Now An Option For Pet OwnersCloning pets simply isn't science fiction anymore, it's reality.