Aggressive 'Hissing' Alligator Shot By Deputy After Forcing Girl To Climb TreeA Florida girl had to climb a tree to escape an aggressive alligator while swimming in a creek.
Police: Teenager Arrested For Leaving Alligator Inside WawaPolice in Florida have found the person who dumped an alligator at a Wawa earlier this month in Florida.
Rare Alligator Sighting On Florida Gulf Coast BeachThere was an unusual sight in the water in the Gulf of Mexico on Monday. An alligator was spotted swimming in the salt water off Fort Myers Beach.
Alligator Stops Flight From Arriving At Orlando International AirportCustomers on a Spirit Airlines flight probably weren't expecting to hear that an alligator was keeping them from getting to their destination.
Feisty Florida Gator Head-Butts Trapper In Escape AttemptOne Central Florida gator put up quite a fight when being captured in a residential neighborhood.
Massive Alligator Captured In Backyard Of Orlando HomeSome Central Florida residents received quite the surprise when they went into their back yard on Memorial Day.
'A New Level Of Stupid': Resort Visitors Throw Carrots At AlligatorAuthorities reportedly have a description of the carrot throwers and are ready to hand out a $200 fine for each carrot tossed at the dangerous beast.
Alligator Vs. Python Causes Hazard On Florida Golf CourseA group of Florida golfers found quite the hazard on the green. A large alligator and a large Burmese python entangled on the course.
Big Gator Caught On Sands Of Vero BeachA 12-foot alligator was caught as it strolled on the sands of Vero Beach.
Florida Family Finds Gator Sunning In Their PoolA Florida family looked into their pool only to find an alligator taking a dip. 
Florida Cop Corrals Alligator Found By Front DoorBoynton Beach Police have released video of the moments when an officer tried to secure an alligator outside a Florida resident's home. 
Alligator Captured Off Jetty In South BeachAn alligator was captured off the Jetty rocks at South Point Park in South Beach.
Gator Chomps Arm Of Man Diving For Golf BallsScott Lahodik narrowly escaped alive after an alligator clamped down on his arm while he was diving for golf balls in a lake.
Man Injured When Motorcycle Hits 10-Foot GatorA motorcyclist was seriously injured when he hit a gator crossing the road.
Girl, 10, Fought Off Gator Which Bit Her LegA ten-year-old girl has quite a tale to tell after she was bitten by a nine-foot gator while swimming in a park's lake over the weekend.