Facing South Florida: The Syrian Refugee VoteOn Thursday, Lawmakers in the U.S. House voted to essentially halt a program aimed at resettling thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing their war-torn homeland.
Iran Deal Puts State's Democrats In Awkward PositionA looming vote on a nuclear deal with Iran, one of President Barack Obama's top priorities, has Florida Democrats in a bind.
Rubio, Wasserman Schultz Mourn Loss Of SharonFlorida leaders mourn the loss of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Israeli soldier-turned-politician-turned statesman died Saturday, eight years after a stroke put him in a coma. He was 85.-
S. Florida Delegation Preps For Syria Congressional DebateAs Congress prepares to debate whether or not to allow military action against the Syrian regime of Basha al-Assad, representatives from South Florida have already started to stake out their positions on the issue.
Facing South Florida: US Reps. Alcee Hasting and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen-Part 2Part two of Jim DeFede's interview with U.S. Representatives Alcee Hastings and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Facing South Florida: US Reps. Alcee Hasting and Ileana Ros-LehtinenU.S. Representatives Alcee Hastings and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen discuss Campaign 2012
Facing South Florida: Congressman Alcee HastingsCongressman Alcee Hastings sits down with CBS4's Jim DeFede to discuss the race for President and the recent Supreme Court rulings.
Decorated Broward War Hero Targeted In Gov. Scott's Voter PurgeA 91-year-old decorated World War II veteran is just one of hundreds of South Florida voters shocked to learn that they’ve been identified as a non-U.S. Citizen and may be ineligible to vote.
Sexual Harassment Suit Against Rep. Hastings DismissedRepresentative Alcee Hastings has been released by a federal judge from a sexual harassment suit brought against him and the Helsinki Commission he chaired.
Agency Denies Fla. Rep. Hastings Sexually Harassed AideAn independent U.S.agency is denying claims that a former co-chairman, Rep. Alcee Hastings, made sexual advances toward a staff member and sought to retaliate when she refused.
Report: Hastings Allegations Under House InvestigationMonths after allegations of sexual harassment first surfaced against South Florida Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings, a congressional ethics panel has started investigating the matter, according to the Wall Street Journal.