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CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy Profile: Miami Central High Safety Alfonzo AllenThis week's CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy nominee is hard hitting safety Alfonzo Allen from Miami Central High school. Allen is all business on and off the field and always ready to put in the work. That’s because when you play at Miami Central High, there’s nothing fancy, just old school football for one the state's premier programs. It is where Alfonzo Allen is honing his skills before he goes off to play at Arizona State.
Bonded By Tragedy: 30 Days In SurfsideAfter the tragic Surfside building collapse, where did families go for answers? From inside the daily briefing room, CBS4 News reveals heavy moments the public never got to see, and emotional stories our community never got to hear, all from loved ones and first responders. Watch the CBS4 News one-hour original, Bonded By Tragedy: 30 Days In Surfside, Wednesday at 7PM on CBS4.
Arrest Affidavit: Accused Cop Killer Was Trying To Kill Himself In Struggle With Slain OfficerAccused cop killer Jason Banegas claims he was trying to shoot and kill himself in a fatal struggle with officer Yandy Chirino, according to the arrest affidavit.
WEB EXTRA: Two Bucks Spotted Fighting in MinnesotaA sheriff’s deputy spotted these deer fighting while on a call in West Lakeland Township, MN early Tuesday morning (10/19). The deputy said: “I saw the two bucks approach each other on the roadway not realizing what was about to happen until they locked antlers.”
WEB EXTRA: 'Squid Game' Cafe in IndonesiaHave you watched "Squid Game" yet? Fans of the popular Netflix series will recognize some of the games at this cafe in Indonesia.
WEB EXTRA: 21 people Safely Evacuated After Plane Crash in TexasAll 21 people on this plane got off safely, and there were no serious injuries after the crash in Texas Tuesday (10/19), according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Officials said the plane rolled through a fence and caught fire while attempting to depart Houston Executive Airport. The wife of the owner of the plane told CBS affiliate KHOU that the passengers were on the way to Boston for Tuesday's Astros-Red Sox baseball game.
FDA Could Approve Missing Of Booster ShotsThe FDA is set to approve the mising of booster shots, according to the New York Times.
WEB EXTRA: Crusader Sword Found Off Coast of IsraelA scuba diver on a weekend treasure hunt made an incredible find off the coast of Israel. When the sand shifted, he couldn't believe his eyes.

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