Know a student who loves Science and has a cool and innovative STEM project to show off?

Register them for the CBS4 Sunday Morning Science Lab Contest!

The CBS4 Sunday Morning Science Lab Contest is open to students in grades 3-8 who attend school in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Monroe Counties (including public, private, and home school.)

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

From playdough to Plato, STEM projects often focus on solving a problem and can be based on real-world applications. Whether its about food, plants, the environment or even outer space, all projects will be accepted, but it must be non-flammable.

To enter, a parent or legal guardian will need to submit a photo of the project, along with a description for review. All photo entries must be in JPEG format.

Once a month, one student scientist will be chosen by our panel of CBS4 staff based upon specific criteria including innovative thinking, helpful/healthy for the community, and easily and safely demonstrated.

The monthly winner will be featured in a television appearance on a Sunday CBS4 This Morning Newscast to discuss and display their innovative STEM project.





First Winners of CBS4 Sunday Morning Science Lab Create Rube Goldberg Machine On Minecraft For Hospitalized Kids

Image of Minecraft created Rube Goldberg Machine by Jean Yacoub and Nashla Mejia. (Courtesy: Jean Yacoub and Nashla Mejia)


October CBS4 Sunday Morning Science Lab Winner Lilly Thorpe Exposes Impact Of Sunscreens On Environment

Lilly Thorpe is our October Sunday Morning Science Lab winner with her project researching the science behind chemical sunscreen and mineral sunscreen specifically the damage chemical sunscreens do to humans and marine life. (Courtesy: Suzette Siblesz)


Sunday Morning Science Lab November Winner Cooper Ruzycki’s Hydroponics Project Is Food For Thought

Palmer Trinity seventh grader Cooper Ruzycki’s hydroponics project won the CBS4 Sunday Morning Science Lab for November. (CBS4)


Sunday Morning Science Lab December Winner Esteban Rodriguez’s Mag-nificent Snack Project

iPrep Academy third grader Esteban Rodriguez’s focus on food helped him become this month’s CBS4 Sunday Morning Science Lab winner with his mag-nitizing experiment pulling iron out of snack food. (CBS4)