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Attorney: Parkland School Gunman Nikolas Cruz To Plead Guilty To MassacreSelf-confessed Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz will plead guilty to murder in the 2018 mass shooting that killed 17 students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School his lawyer told a judge on Friday.
Parkland Survivor David Hogg On Potential Guilty Plea: 'It's Horrific That Our Community Has To Continue Going Through This'Parkland survivors want justice, but also focus to stay on gun violence.
Nikolas Cruz Pleads Guilty In BSO Jail Guard AttackBroward Judge Elizabeth Scherer has accepted a guilty plea from self-confessed Parkland massacre shooter Nikolas Cruz on four felony charges in his jail battery case and guilty pleas are expected next week in the deadly school shooting.
White Cane Day Celebrates Achievements Of Visually ImpairedWhite Cane Day is a national observance established more than 50 years ago by former President Lyndon B. Johnson.
City Of Miami Comes Under Scrutiny For Reasons Behind Firing Police Chief Art AcevedoOne by one, the City of Miami commissioners voted in favor of firing Police Chief Art Acevedo. Now, the City of Miami is under scrutiny for the reasons behind its decision to fire the chief of police.
Exclusive: South Florida Children Speak Out About Their Moderna VaccinationsChildren who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus under a nationwide trial and their parents are speaking out, saying they are grateful for inoculations that will protect them.


Florida Seeks To Short-Circuit Student Mask CasePointing to a “hierarchy” that requires school districts to follow state laws and rules, the Florida Department of Health is asking a judge to toss out a challenge by six school boards to a rule that seeks to prevent student mask mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Florida Finally Submits Plan For Final $2.3 Billion In Federal School ReliefTwo days after the U.S. Department of Education asked why Florida was the only state in the nation that hadn’t submitted its proposal for the third phase of coronavirus relief money, the state has submitted its plan.
Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation Now Accepting Cryptocurrency DonationsCryptocurrency is moving into the medical field. The Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to raising essential funds for the patients and families of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, announced Tuesday it has started accepting cryptocurrency donations.
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Files School Shooting Safety BillThe measure would direct the Departments of Education, Justice and Health and Human Services to release detailed, annual reports on school safety, fatality statistics, along with shooter and victim demographics.
‘Trying To Save His Own Job’: South Florida Film Director Billy Corben On Miami City Manager Asking Chief Art Acevedo For Action PlanThe 57-year-old Acevedo was the subject of two stormy meetings at city hall last week.
Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis Diagnosed With Breast CancerCasey DeSantis, the wife of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been diagnosed with breast cancer.


The Return Of Art Basel Miami Beach Is Great News For Local ArtistsLocal Artists depend on Art Basel Miami to generate crowds of buyers who not only attend the main show but also visit local galleries and shows and afford local artists the ability to show and sell their works of art.
Taste of the Town Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month At Puerto Sagua Miami BeachYou’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time at Puerta Sagua located on the corner of Collins Avenue and 7th Street on Miami Beach. 
'Hello Gorgeous' Exhibit Features Never-Before-Seen Treasured Archives Of Barbra Streisand At Jewish Museum Of Florida FIUIt’s a glamourous glimpse inside  the first steps of stardom for legendary entertainer Barbra Streisand . This one-of-a-kind exhibit at Jewish Museum of Florida FIU on South Beach is called "Hello Gorgeous!" The exhibit debuted in New York  before Covid. It's an ecletic collection of costumes, photos, videos, album covers and other objects.
Renowned French Artist & Muralist, Mantra, Debuts Metamorphis At GGA Gallery At Wynwood WallsSet in a rainforest backdrop, Mantra, whose real name is Yuri Cansell is presenting his first-ever gallery showing.  Known for his beautiful murals on buildings across the globe, the French-born painter is a self-taught street artist who has always been at one with nature. Butterflies are his muse. The exhibit features 14 paintings of butterflies from around the world. Places where Mantra has studied them. From the U.S to Costa Rica, Mexico and more.
Superman's Son Comes Out As Bisexual In New ComicDC Comics announced Monday that its new Superman, Jon Kent, is coming out as bisexual in a comic scheduled for November, marking a landmark moment for the publisher. Jon has taken on the mantle of Superman after his father, Clark Kent.
South Florida Business Owner Iman Kawa Faced Pandemic Challenges, Created Popular Cookie CompanyA local business owner was able to face the challenges of the pandemic and created one of South Florida's most popular cookie companies.


Floridians Will Soon Get Digital Driver's LicensesMovie tickets, discount codes, even plane ticket and hotel confirmations are all things people store in smartphone digital wallets, but now Floridians will soon be able to carry a digital version of their driver’s license as well.
Florida Atty. Gen. Ashley Moody Warns Malware Can Drain Your Phone's Battery, Bank AccountsWe all know to protect our computers and tablets with security programs to prevent malicious viruses and trackers, but what about our phones.
Privacy Advocates Concerned About Amazon’s New Tech To Boost Performance Of DevicesIf you own certain Alexa-enabled Echo devices or some Ring camera models, Amazon will be able to use part of your home's WiFi to create a new network called Amazon Sidewalk.
Florida Healthy Kids Website BreachedHundreds of thousands of Floridians who applied for coverage or were enrolled in a children’s health insurance program between 2013 and 2020 are being encouraged to take steps to protect themselves financially after a cyberattack.
Tesla's Elon Musk Wants To Dig Tunnels To Alleviate Miami's Congested TrafficTraffic in Miami is terrible. We all know that. According to a new report, Miami was just named one of the most congested cities in the U.S. in 2020. But Tesla Inc founder Elon Musk says he wants to dig tunnels with the Boring Company, one of his many business ventures, to help alleviate Miami's notoriously congested traffic.
Consumer Electronics Show Goes Virtual, Many Products Designed To Protect Against COVID-19The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), was held this week and offered the very latest in tech. It was virtual this year because of the pandemic, and many of the products revealed were designed to protect against COVID-19.

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Chicago faces COVID vaccine showdown with police unionChicago police officers are resisting COVID-19 vaccine mandates, potentially leaving their departments under-staffed as crime increases. Charlie De Mar takes a look.
Capitol officer charged with obstructing riot probeA Capitol Police officer has been arrested and charged with obstructing the investigation into the January 6 riot. Michael Riley is accused of tipping off a protester, allegedly telling them to remove photos and videos from social media.
FDA panel recommends Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine boosterAn FDA panel recommended Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 booster shot for adults 18 and older. The panel suggested getting the booster as early as two months after the original shot. Mireya Villarreal has more.
Parkland shooter to plead guilty to 17 murdersFormer Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Nikolas Cruz intends to plead guilty to 17 counts of murder. Three faculty members and 14 students were killed in the 2018 mass school shooting. Manuel Bojorquez reports.
FDA advisers back Johnson & Johnson COVID booster shotsNew CDC data suggests the single-shot vaccine has the highest rate of breakthrough infections.
Capitol Police officer charged with obstruction in January 6 Capitol riotMichael Angelo Riley is the first out of over 600 people charged in the attacks who is a Capitol Police officer.
Nikolas Cruz to plead guilty to Parkland school massacre, lawyer saysCruz's attorney said he will change his plea to guilty on Wednesday, accepting responsibility for the Parkland massacre.
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Friday, October 15, 2021Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News," hosted by Major Garrett.
Giant planet discovered orbiting dead star may be a glimpse into our solar system's futureAstronomers came across a Jupiter-like planet revolving around a dead star near the center of the Milky Way.

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China crackdown on Apple store hits holy book appsMakers of apps for reading and listening to the Quran and Bible say they've been removed from Apple's China-based store at government's request.
Dozens dead and many wounded during Friday prayers attackAn explosion hit a mosque during Friday Prayers in Afghanistan this morning. A health official tells CBS News that dozens are dead and many more wounded. This is the latest in a series of attacks targeting civilians.
U.K. lawmaker stabbed to death during meeting with constituentsPolice say a 25-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of a murder, and that a knife has been recovered.
New low in Lebanon's political and economic crisisProtests in Lebanon's capital turned violent Thursday, leaving six dead and dozens wounded. CBS News correspondent Holly Williams hears how the people of Beirut are at a new low over a year after the Beirut port blast that set the country even further into hardship.
China launches crew for six-month mission aboard its space stationThe mission aims to set a new record for the length of time spent in space by Chinese astronauts.
Dozens killed in blast at mosque in southern AfghanistanIt was not immediately clear what caused the explosion, which came a week after a local Islamic State affiliate bombed a mosque in the north of the country.
Olympic runner Agnes Tirop's husband arrested in her killingThe athletics star was found stabbed to death in her home earlier this week.
Lebanon on edge after deadly protestsA day of mourning has been declared in the country, which is already in the midst of a devastating economic crisis that has plunged ¾ of the population into poverty.
"Lava tsunami" seen spewing from Cumbre Vieja volcanoThe President of the Canary Islands says the eruption is the "most damaging volcano in Europe in the last 100 years."