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Health expert says 250,000 Americans could die of COVID by end of yearOn "The Takeout" this week, Dr. Zeke Emanuel of the University of Pennsylvania slammed the Trump administration's response to the coronavirus.
Nevada tightens restrictions again as COVID hospitalizations "spike""Continued increase" in coronavirus hospitalizations sees governor put bars and restaurants back under tougher rules.
Goya faces calls for boycott after CEO praises TrumpJulian Castro was among many to tweet his disapproval of Goya, urging consumers to "think twice before buying their products."
California, Florida and Texas report highest daily virus death tollsThe country's three biggest states are reporting their largest one-day death tolls since the pandemic began.
Tammy Duckworth fires back at Tucker Carlson, Trump campaignThe senator said she won't be deterred by "self-serving, insecure men who can't tell the difference between true patriotism and hateful nationalism."
CBS Evening News, July 9, 2020California, Florida and Texas see record new virus deaths; Zoo toy creator puts on a puppet show for his neighborhood with no strings attached
"The Wonder Years" reboot pilot featuring Black family in the worksThe possible series is set in the late 1960s, the same era in which the original show began — but this time it will center around the life of a Black family instead of a White one.
Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch voted against Trump in tax records casePresident Trump lashed out at the Supreme Court and claimed that he is being treated unfairly after losing a landmark ruling about his taxes — even though the two justices he appointed, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, voted against him. Ben Tracy reports. (Photos courtesy: Christopher Sadowski)
Death of Black man found hanging from tree ruled a suicideRobert Fuller had prior reports of suicidal idealization and he had disclosed that "he did have a plan to kill himself," according to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

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Mayor of South Korean capital found dead after leaving "sorry" noteBody of popular politician Park Won-soon was found on a mountain outside Seoul 2 days after an ex-secretary reportedly alleged sexual misconduct.
"Watermelon snow" in Italian Alps may be climate change red flagThe bizarre pink snow can accelerate snow melt in the fragile mountain region.
Retailers nix coconut milk from suppliers using monkey laborAnimal activist group PETA says undercover investigation found chained macaque monkeys forced into manual labor.
Border apprehensions rose in June, despite expulsions policyBorder officials have carried out more than 70,000 expulsions of migrants under an emergency coronavirus order.
Expert sees "new level of repression" in Russian journalist's arrestMany see detention of former defense reporter Ivan Safronov as the latest example of the Putin regime's efforts to silence independent journalists.
COVID-weary Japanese turn to cars for shelter from deadly floodingJapan is accustomed to earthquakes and flooding, but this time disaster has struck amid a health crisis, turning a trusted system on its head.
Melania Trump sculpture in Slovenia set on fire on July 4As the U.S. celebrated its Independence Day and President Trump vowed to punish those who destroy U.S. monuments, a life-sized sculpture of first lady Melania Trump was burned near her hometown in Slovenia.
Trump hosts Mexican president for first visit at White HouseThe two leaders are recognizing the USMCA, which took effect July 1.
New rule would deny asylum to migrants on public health groundsThe U.S. has already been expelling most border-crossers, including unaccompanied children, under a separate CDC order.