Florida Atty. Gen. Ashley Moody Warns Malware Can Drain Your Phone's Battery, Bank AccountsWe all know to protect our computers and tablets with security programs to prevent malicious viruses and trackers, but what about our phones.
Privacy Advocates Concerned About Amazon’s New Tech To Boost Performance Of DevicesIf you own certain Alexa-enabled Echo devices or some Ring camera models, Amazon will be able to use part of your home's WiFi to create a new network called Amazon Sidewalk.
Florida Healthy Kids Website BreachedHundreds of thousands of Floridians who applied for coverage or were enrolled in a children’s health insurance program between 2013 and 2020 are being encouraged to take steps to protect themselves financially after a cyberattack.
Tesla's Elon Musk Wants To Dig Tunnels To Alleviate Miami's Congested TrafficTraffic in Miami is terrible. We all know that. According to a new report, Miami was just named one of the most congested cities in the U.S. in 2020. But Tesla Inc founder Elon Musk says he wants to dig tunnels with the Boring Company, one of his many business ventures, to help alleviate Miami's notoriously congested traffic.
Consumer Electronics Show Goes Virtual, Many Products Designed To Protect Against COVID-19The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), was held this week and offered the very latest in tech. It was virtual this year because of the pandemic, and many of the products revealed were designed to protect against COVID-19.
'Legal Equalizer' App Helps People Know Their Rights, Safely Interact With Police: 'Accountability On All Sides For Everybody'The Founder and CEO of the Legal Equalizer app hopes that it will help to de-escalate situations between police and citizens by providing accountability on all sides.

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NBA legend says players who refuse vaccine should be "disciplined"The NBA said it can't mandate players to get vaccinated unless the players' union approves it.
LeBron James explains why he got the COVID-19 vaccine"I felt like it was best suited for not only me but for my family and my friends," James said Tuesday.
Manchin and Sinema meet with Biden over reconciliation bill concernsThe president needs all 50 Democrats to vote for his expansion of social spending.
Stocks slide amid concerns over potential government shutdownPolitical fight over federal funding and borrowing is spooking financial markets, according to Wall Street analysts.
Is America a Christian nation? Pastors at odds about faith and politicsThe debate over what role religion should play in public life has never been more contentious.
Milley calls Afghanistan withdrawal a "strategic failure"Milley, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and CENTCOM Commander appeared before Congress to testify about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.
How you could feel the impact of a U.S. government shutdownEverything from national parks to mortgage applications could be affected if lawmakers can't strike a deal by Friday.
New study shows hundreds of thousands of children tested positive for lead in their blood in recent yearsA new study of more than a million children found lead poisoning in about half of those tested. Dr. Jon LaPook joins “CBS Mornings” and explains the negative health effects, and why many children at risk may not be getting tested. Read more about protecting your child from lead poisoning in this tip sheet from Quest Diagnostics, offered in English and in Spanish .
BTS announces a return to live concertsBTS is one of the few bands hoping to perform live, while many others, such as Dave Matthews Band and the entire Bonnaroo festival, are canceling as the pandemic rages on.

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BTS announces a return to live concertsBTS is one of the few bands hoping to perform live, while many others, such as Dave Matthews Band and the entire Bonnaroo festival, are canceling as the pandemic rages on.
Artist "takes the money and runs," delivers blank canvasesHe was supposed to showcase pay discrepancies between Denmark and Austria, but he did not deliver what he promised.
Panic buying leads to U.K. fuel shortageThe U.K. has a dire shortage of gas throughout the country; not because there's no supply, but because there aren't enough truck drivers to move it around. The Post-Brexit world is colliding with the COVID one and suddenly, as Holly Williams reports, there aren't enough goods or, more importantly, services to sustain this little island.
U.K. gas pumps run dry as truck driver shortage causes chaos"As soon as a tanker arrives at a filling station, people on social media are advising that a tanker has arrived and then it is like bees to a honey pot."
Biden administration seeks a climate win ahead of global summitIf the U.S. heads to the U.N. Climate Change Conference with proposals still under debate in Congress, China could balk at making its own changes.
American siblings back home after 3 years trapped in ChinaCynthia and Victor Liu were blocked from leaving the country by an unexplained "exit ban," until a Chinese tech executive wanted by the U.S. was released.
North Korea fires short-range missile to sea in latest testA ballistic missile launch would violate a U.N. ban, but the council typically doesn't impose new sanctions on North Korea for launches of short-range weapons.
Why Germany post-Angela Merkel may feel a lot like the Merkel yearsIn 16 years as Chancellor, Merkel not only influenced German society, she may have defined it. And those seeking to replace her clearly recognized a winning strategy.
Switzerland votes to legalize same-sex marriage: "Historic day"The vote — years in the making — is set to bring the traditionally conservative nation into line with many others in western Europe.