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U.S. to withdraw 12,000 American troops from GermanyDefense Secretary Mark Esper said 5,600 troops would be redeployed to other NATO countries and 6,400 would return to the U.S.
Pandemic-hit merchants face denials of insurance claimsWith almost $1 trillion in losses, small businesses are hoping for insurance payouts. So far, it's not happening.
Late Congressman John Lewis departs Washington for final timeA funeral will be held for Lewis in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday.
Train derails and bridge partially collapses in ArizonaA bridge over Tempe Town Lake caught on fire and partially collapsed after a train derailed; witness describes a "scene from hell."
President Trump defends video making false claims about the coronavirusA video retweeted by President Trump, which made false claims about the coronavirus, was deleted from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Tuesday. Paula Reid reports.
Protesters continue to clash with federal agents in PortlandMore chaos on the streets of Portland as peaceful protests turn violent overnight as federal agents unleash a massive response. President Trump is preparing to send at least 100 agents to Portland and other cities. Carter Evans has the latest.
Olivia de Havilland, known for roles in "Gone With the Wind" and "To Each His Own," dies at 104Hollywood is remembering Olivia de Havilland, one of the last stars from cinema's so-called Golden Age. The Oscar-winning actress died at her home in Paris on Sunday at the age of 104. She appeared in dozens of films in her decades long career, including "Gone With the Wind." Anthony Mason remembers her life, on and off screen.
Big Tech CEOs testify before House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee - watch liveJeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerberg face lawmakers to defend Big 4 tech companies' market might.
New England Patriots star Patrick Chung on opting out of the 2020 NFL seasonThree-time Super Bowl champion Patrick Chung of the New England Patriots joins "CBS This Morning" to talk about his decision to opt out of the 2020 season.

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Mystery seeds from China are landing in Americans' mailboxesU.S. agriculture officials are warning residents not to plant or even touch the unsolicited seeds, which have now been found in all 50 states.
U.S. to withdraw 12,000 American troops from GermanyDefense Secretary Mark Esper said 5,600 troops would be redeployed to other NATO countries and 6,400 would return to the U.S.
Rome Opera has COVID-19 friendly opening night at ancient chariot racing siteAs early as 2,800 years ago, Romans would flock to the Circus Maximus to be entertained with chariot races. Now, the ancient site has been transformed into an outdoor venue for the Rome Opera House's summer season. Chris Livesay talks to soprano Rosa Feola about how Circus Maximus is the savior of Italian Opera.
Suspicious seeds sent from China found in Americans' mailboxes across several statesFederal authorities are on alert for suspicious foreign packages containing seeds, sent to dozens of Americans across the country. People in several states have claimed to receive unexpected deliveries from China containing the various unmarked seeds. The USDA has now put out a warning urging those who have received the packages not to open them.
U.S. charges ex-Twitter employees with spying for Saudi ArabiaFormerly facing 2 charges, the men now stand accused of 7 offenses related to alleged snooping on Twitter users critical of Saudi royals.
Europe grapples with coronavirus 2nd wave worriesAbout a month after travel restrictions were eased, COVID-19 cases are spiking in Spain and a few other places.
Study identifies 6 different "types" of COVID-19The six categories are defined by different clusters of symptoms, and some patients in some groups are much more likely to need ventilators.
Hubble telescope captures beautifully detailed image of SaturnVisible in the image are the planet's icy rings in stunning detail — and its moon Enceladus, which could support life.
Scientists seek to replicate the sun's fusion power here on EarthOne expert calls it "a milestone for international science" and a "vision for an abundant, clean-energy future."