Scam Cell Phone Calls On The RiseIf you feel like you're getting more scam phone calls on your cell phone you aren't wrong.
Paltrow's Goop Settles False Advertising Claims For Vaginal EggsGwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle company has agreed to pay a six-figure settlement for false advertising.
Relief On The Way After Summer Gas Prices Hit Four Year HighGas prices climbed to a four year high this summer but after the Labor Day weekend, pulling up to the pump may be less painful on the wallet.
Consumer Agency Receives Reports Of Exploding Glass Table TopsGlass tables and shower doors are very popular, but there are a number of reports of them shattering without warning.
Lowe's Closing All Orchard Supply Hardware StoresLowe's is slimming down to better compete with Home Depot.
Senator Slams Travel Insurance As Money Grabbing ScamNearly 40 percent of Americans are likely to buy travel insurance for an international flight, according to AAA.
Get Your Party On At AmazonAs the old saying goes, "if you can't beat them, join them," and that's just what Party City plans to do.
Gift Card Scammers Target PIN NumbersScams involving gift cards continue to be a growing problem, something Ginger Allen found out first hand.
Report: School Supplies Test Positive For Asbestos, Other Dangerous ChemicalsIn tests run in 2015, many major brands, including Rose Art and Crayola, contained trace amounts of asbestos fibers — a substance that can cause breathing difficulties and cancer if inhaled.
Charmin, Bounty Prices Going UpThe quicker picker upper will cost you more this fall.
Tax 'Holiday' For Back-To-School ShoppersIt’s that time of year again!  Florida shoppers can once again take advantage of a three-day “tax-free holiday” weekend in anticipation of the new school year.
American Air Ending Carry On Ban For Cheap SeatsAmerican Airlines is ending its policy that prevented its cheap seat customers from carrying on luggage.
Gas Remains At Four Year High In FloridaEven as the cost of gas in Florida declined by a half-cent over the past week, prices at the pump are the highest in four years.
Fuel Leaks Prompt Toyota To Recall Lexus ModelsToyota's luxury brand Lexus is recalling about 121,000 cars worldwide because of fuel leaks in the engine that can cause fires.
AAA Study: Apple, Android Less Distracting Than Auto Infotainment SystemsNew research from the American Automobile Association shows Apple CarPlay and Google's Android Auto are less distracting for drivers compared to a car's built-in infotainment system.