By Joel Waldman

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Mom Miju Dixon is inconsolable, and so is her sad-looking four-legged son Pizza. 

“We just want him to be safe first and foremost,” sobbed Miju. 

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Pizza, mom and even dad, Jack Dixon, are devastated they’re missing an important piece of the family pie, Morgan, who loved eating bacon during better days. 

“We just want him to come home.”

Sunday night, the Dixons were having pizza, ironically, with Pizza and Morgan, high-priced, often targeted French Bulldogs, when, suddenly, younger brother Morgan ditched the family for a walk around back. 

“I noticed he wasn’t in the yard,” recalled Jack. “As we were screaming his name someone just picked him up and drove off,” Miju told CBS4 News.

French Bulldogs Morgan and Pizza. (Courtesy of Jack Dixon)

It was all caught on a Ring camera. But, it was another piece of technology that would prove even more valuable. 

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“We have these Apple Air Tags on both dogs.”

“When we opened up the app we noticed the tag was moving at a really quick rate like it was in a car,” explained Jack. 

The couple followed the tag all the way to Hialeah where they hit a dead end. With the Apple tag likely tossed, the Morgan’s high-tech detection system was soon replaced by old school flyers and detection dogs. 

“I want you to find this dog!” exclaimed pet detective Jamie Katz, who unleashed some dogs of her own, Fletcher and Gable. 

“It’s devastating, especially since French Bulldogs are high maintenance. He has a lot of medical issues, so we just want him back. That’s it!” concluded Miju. 

In the United States, only 16% of missing pets make it back home. But, private pet investigator Jamie Katz has a 67% return rate.

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The Dixons are offering a $4,000 reward, no questions asked.