By Mike Cugno

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — April is National Autism Awareness Month which helps bring focus on acceptance and inclusion. But that has not been an issue with Coral Reef Senior High student Jonathan Mizrachi, a student with top grades who is also an athlete making strides on the track and field team and inspiring his teammates.

Mizrachi is not only the school’s first cross country runner with Autism, but also the Barracudas’ first two-sport athlete on the spectrum.

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Jonathan is currently in the middle of his track and field season.

“I love to run. I like to go fast! I am more speed and more strong!” said Jonathan.

Jonathan, who is now a senior, was inspired to try out for the cross country team at the suggestion from one of his teachers. It was a perfect fit not only for him, but for his family. Jonathan’s mother, Melinda also enjoys running in her free time.

“We actually run together; we train together. And I’m his biggest cheerleader. I love it. I absolutely love it,” said Melinda Mizrachi.

When asked who is faster, he was quick to respond, “I’m faster!”

Melinda’s one stipulation to trying out for cross country was that he was treated just like everyone else. His coach says that was no problem.

“I give him the same workout as my son, or anyone else on the team. The only thing I do for everyone is I modify the paces that they have to do the run in, but otherwise he’s doing everything that everyone else is doing,” explained the Boys Track and Field Coach Alex Sarafoglu.

Coach Sarafoglu’s son Ryan is one of Jonathan’s teammates.

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“He came out and started doing all the workouts with us, all the easy runs, and he wasn’t skimping or anything, he wasn’t trying to do less. It was really motivating to see him out there on the course,” said Ryan.

His teammates say Jonathan is always high energy.

Coral Reef High Track and Field runner Jonathan Mizrachi (CBS4)

He’s quick with a thumbs up for the cameras as CBS4 caught up with the Barracudas during one of their training sessions.

But on race days, it’s all business. And to get locked in, Jonathan says he listens to motivational speeches on an app from Lebron James because “It makes me more faster.”

“His motto is he is speed. I call him LeBron Jonathan. He meditates to LeBron James before he goes and gets on his race. And it seems to be working. I’m super proud of him no matter what he places,” said his proud mom.

With friends, family, and teammates cheering him on, Jonathan competes in the 200- and 800-meter adaptive athlete events. He may be competing by himself in these two races, but he says one of the reasons he likes to be on the track is so he can be with his friends.

“I really have good friends, and I like to talk to them, and like to hang out with them. Spend more time with them and run with them,” he said.

“It’s such a joy to see someone just smile in a sport. And see him truly enjoy the sport for what it is,” said teammate Lucas Santana.

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There’s nothing that will slow Jonathan down. Not only does he run track, but he is also running for Prom King and will attend college at Florida International University.